Xiaomi Headset Mini Black | Wireless headphone | Bluetooth, EU
Xiaomi Headset Mini Black | Wireless headphone | Bluetooth, EU

Xiaomi Headset Mini Black | Wireless headphone | Bluetooth, EU

13,15 GBP with VAT


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini Black Wireless Headset

The handset Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth fits perfectly into the shape of your ear. The multi-functional button provides extremely easy control, and the IPX4 water resistance certificate guarantees the safety of the handset in the rain or in sports.

Mi Bluetooth Headset mini Black headsets

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth handset - the beauty of music hidden in a miniature enclosure

Compact and lightweight housing. Perfect fit to the ear. Multi-function button.

my bluetooth headset

4.5g of weight. You'll forget that you have a receiver in your ear

Lightweight and comfortable headset mi bluetooth headset allows you to forget about its weight and focus on listening quality.

bluetooth headset mini black

A perfect fit - Mi Bluetooth Headset mini Black

The small size of the casing will make the Xiaomi receiver fit perfectly in your ear. It's much easier to enjoy the music when you're not limited by unnecessary cables.

Bluetooth headphone Xiaomi

Ideal grip and universal design to fit every ear

Designed for ultimate convenience. Perfect fit to the ear canal guarantees incredible grip and stability during conversations.

bluetooth headset mini handset

IPX4 waterproofness

The IPX4 waterproofing certificate guarantees resistance to water and sweat, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music while doing sports.

IPX4 xiaomi mi headset mini waterproofness

Magnetic loader attachment - Fast and convenient

The special type of charging clip eliminates the risk of damage that occurs when plugging in other USB devices.

xiaomi mi bluetooth headset

Advanced MEMS microphone - Crystal clear call quality

High quality MEMS microphones are placed in advanced smartphones and have high stability and sensational reduction of ambient noise. This ensures that the quality of conversation on both sides is always at the highest level.

xiaomi mi bluetooth headset microphone

7.2 mm dynamic cone - Powerful bass

The wireless handset has an advanced dynamic cone that can generate high resolution sound. The bass depth has also been increased, making parts like drums more powerful.

bluetooth headset mini

Xiaomi handset - features:

  • CSR chip improves Bluetooth transmission quality
  • Extended battery life thanks to special optimisations
  • The ability to intelligently combine two devices at the same time
  • Low emission of radiation for the safest possible conversation
  • Universal compatibility with modern equipment
  • CVC decumpling technology effectively filters out unwanted ambient sounds
  • Water resistance IPX4 - increased resistance to water, dust and sweat
  • Short charging time
  • High battery capacity - longer operating time
Bluetooth headset

High quality workmanship

The charger was made from environmentally safe PU material. The matt finish not only has a positive impact on the aesthetics of the device, but also makes it less dusty.

Full control under one button:

  • Double-click
  • Single click play/pause
  • Answering calls
  • Hold on for 1 second to reject the call
  • Hold on for 5 seconds to pair
  • Hold on for 1 second to activate

3 pairs of silicone dock inserts

The 3 sizes of the supplied earmolds will allow you to perfectly fit their size to your ear size.


Features / filters
Device type Bluetooth headphones

Basic technical data
Type of product Headset
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini Black LYEJ05LM
Functions Can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously
One-button operation
Communication Bluetooth 4.1
Reach up to 10 m
Type of cell Lithium-ion
Battery capacity 40 mAh
Battery life up to 3 h
up to 60 h (on standby)
Charging time up to 1 h
Colour Black
Weight 12,2 g
Material of workmanship Metal
Protection class IPX4
Certificates Q/HL 2-2017
Additional information Magnetic contacts for charging
Set Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth handset
USB cable
3 interchangeable tips
Operating instructions
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