Xiaomi Imilab W90 1080P CMSXJ23A | WEBCAM | 1080P, 30FPS, Plug
Xiaomi Imilab W90 1080P CMSXJ23A | WEBCAM | 1080P, 30FPS, Plug and Play

Xiaomi Imilab W90 1080P CMSXJ23A | WEBCAM | 1080P, 30FPS, Plug and Play

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Xiaomi Imilab W90 Webcam

The Imilab W90 webcam is ideal for simple everyday use. It works great with Skype, MS Teams, Zoom and many other programs. The Xiaomi Imilab W 90 offers practical functionality, simple design and high transmission rate of 30 frames per second. All this makes the image clear, contrast and even more consistent. The built-in automatic light correction ensures natural colors even in low-light conditions.


Real-time HD Audio video calls

The built-in Artificial Intelligencenoise reduction effectively eliminates emerging low frequency noise.


Fast Auto-Focus

Quick precise focus makes using the Xioami Imilab W90 webcam even more hassle-free.

Imilab W90

1080P Full HD video at 30 frames per second high frame rate

The W90 webcam provides a high frame rate of 30 frames per second. This avoids images that stutter and periodically freeze on the screen. The webcam also offers a 90-degree field of view, which definitely expands the field of view.


Use scenes for easier W90 configuration

The Xiaomi Imilab W90 webcam is specially designed to get you up and running even faster. Manage multiple scenarios and environments that you can easily customize with the Imilab W90 webcam setup.

Webcam W90


Technical data:
Dimensions 71x32x120mm
Weight 138g
Power supply USB Direct Power DC 5 V.
Resolution 1080P
Lens 4.5 mm AutoFocus
Viewing angle 90 °
Video frame rate 30 frames per second
Audio coding format PCM
Encoding format MJPEG
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