Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier | Formaldehyde Removal Filter Cartridge
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier | Formaldehyde Removal Filter Cartridge | EU

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier | Formaldehyde Removal Filter Cartridge | EU

26,20 GBP with VAT


Xiaomi Purifier Formaldehyde Filter - clean air in your home

Xiaomi Purifier Formaldehyde Filter is an excellent solution for anyone looking for an answer to the question: how to clean the air in the house? It contains an original purifier specially designed to remove formaldehyde, PM2.5 particles and a specific, unpleasant smell. It owes its high efficiency to three layers: the basic filter mesh, the high-performance H11 filter mesh and the activated carbon filter. With Purifier products from Xiaomi you can effectively clean the air from pathogenic bacteria in your home.

Xiaomi Purifier Formaldehyde Filter

Increase the cleanliness of the air in the apartment

Two steps, to remove formaldehyde:
STEP I: Highly efficient technology absorbs formaldehyde,
STEP II: The green catalyst decomposes formaldehyde contamination in a harmless way.

Xiaomi Purifier Formaldehyde Filter

Main features:

  • Three-layer structure containing an active carbon filter
  • Dedicated to removing formaldehyde, harmful PM2.5 particles and specific odors from the air
  • It stops the pathogenic bacteria
  • Quick and easy installation


Features / filters
Device type Air cleaner filter

Basic technical parameters
Dedicated to Mi Air Purifier
Mi Air Purifier 2
Mi Air Purifier 2S
Mi Air Purifier Pro
Purification efficiency 91% - formaldehyde and other harmful substances
99.99% - particles up to 2.5 μm, bacteria, heavy metals and organic matter
Colour Green
Width 240 mm
Height 300 mm
Recommended exchange every 3-6 months
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