Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini Global | Drone | YKFJ01FM
Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini Global | Drone | YKFJ01FM

Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini Global | Drone | YKFJ01FM

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Xiaomi MI Drone Mini

The Xiaomi MI Drone Mini Quadcopter is a device that can fly at a height of 25 meters. You can use your smartphone as a remote control. The drone not only has excellent flight performance, but also has multiple control and gameplay modes.


Compact drone with good manoeuvrability

The Mi Drone Mini quadcopter, although a small but quite fast drone that is designed to entertain children aged 14 and above. The myth drone is controlled via an app. on a smartphone and has a lot of decent specifications

:1. Equipped with infrared sensors to detect obstacles in the way.
2. It has precise control system and adaptation to perform aerial acrobatics.
3.Equipped with a powerful 720P HD camera and 4GB internal memory.
4.Takes off and lands at the touch of a button.
5.Range of interaction with the remote control (which works like a smartphone) is up to 50 meters.
6. maximum flight altitude is up to 25 meters



4 speed modes and a powerful processor

Mi Drone Mini perfectly maintains "balance" in the air, has 4 speed modes and is able to perform difficult aerial stunts. A quad-core processor and five infrared sensors are responsible for the operation of the device. The processor processes the acquired data very quickly and performs the necessary maneuvers in a very short time.

Quadcopter MI Drone Mini is equipped with a 920 mAh battery, which is sufficient for 10 minutes of flight.


Real-time shooting

Kids will be interested in doing team battles in the air, especially if they switch to the first-person view (FPV) airplane mode. In this mode, you will be able to see the MI Drone Mini's camera view, which is transmitted in real-time via Wi-Fi to your smartphone screen. To avoid collisions, there are sensors integrated into the device that will prevent the MI Drone Mini quadcopters from colliding.

Made of impact-resistant plastic. The quadcopter weighs just 88g, making it easy to take with you.



Technical data
Model YKFJ01FM
Type of product Remote-controlled drone with camera
Built-in memory 4 GB
Features Ultrasonic positioner
Vision sensor
Image resolution 1600 × 1200 px
Video recording resolution 720p
Connectivity Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a 5GHz
Temperature range 0°C ~ 40°C
Recommended user age 14 years or older
Cell type Lithium-polymer
Battery life up to 10 min
Charging time up to 60 min
Input power 5V/1A
Colour White
Height 38 mm
Width 91 mm
Thickness 91 mm
Weight 88 g
Set Drone
USB cable
4 protective frames for the propellers
6 propellers
User Manual


How to connect a drone to a smartphone?

Aby to zrobić, musisz otworzyć sklep z aplikacjami Google Play lub AppStore i znaleźć w nim aplikację MiDroneMini.
Po zainstalowaniu rejestrujemy się i logujemy na swoje konto. Następnie musisz dać wszystkie uprawnienia do aplikacji.
Następnie musisz włączyć Quadcopter za pomocą przycisku znajdującego się po prawej stronie urządzenia i połączyć się z nim przez Wi-Fi, naciskając przycisk Połącz teraz.


Zobaczysz komunikat dialogowy:
Wi-Fi name: MiDroneMini_ &(XXXXXX jest określana automatycznie);
default password:123456789 (hasło należy wprowadzić).
Wszystko jest gotowe, możesz zacząć startować!

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