Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker | Induction Cooker | 2100W, DCL01CM
Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker | Induction Cooker | 2100W, DCL01CM

Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker | Induction Cooker | 2100W, DCL01CM

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Mi Induction Cooker


Convenient and compact mi Induction Cooker

The mi Induction Cooker will become an essential household appliance due to its high efficiency, easy operation and compact size. The cooker requires minimal space to place, so it will be an ideal option for a summer residence and any small kitchen. You can cook on the cooker using any cookware that the magnet is magnetized to.


Advantages of induction technology

Mi Induction Cooker works with electromagnetic field generation technology. One of the main advantages of this technology is saving energy and reducing cooking time. The cooker turns on only when the cookware is placed on it, while the energy is not used to heat the cooker, but to heat the cookware and the products inside. Therefore, it is correct to use cookware for induction stoves that provides a large surface contact area.


Five operating modes

Mi Induction Cooker is a unique induction device that supports five intensity modes. A standard induction cooker regulates the temperature by switching on/off, running at the same power all the time. Our cooker can reduce the frequency of field generation to ensure more accurate low temperature maintenance, which is essentially necessary for certain foods.


High level of security

To ensure stable position ing of the dishes on the stove, a special silicone rim is installed around the perimeter of the work surface to prevent the dishes from tilting or sliding off. To ensure that the plate remains stable on the working surface, it is equipped with special legs that provide a firm grip on the table surface.



Basic technical parameters
Model DCL01CM
Type of product Induction cooker
Features Induction heating
External temperature sensor
Precise temperature control
99 heat settings
Low-temperature cooking
More than 100 cooking modes
Remote control via app
Rated power 2100 W
Rated voltage 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Colour White
Dimensions 280 mm × 265 mm × 70 mm
Packaging dimensions 370 × 325 × 130 mm
Weight ~2,183 kg (net)
~2,683 kg (gross)



Operating Instructions Download


How to connect the Xiaomi MiJia Induction Cooker portable induction cooktop to your smartphone?

1. the Xiaomi MiJia induction cooker connects to your smartphone using the Mi Home app. Therefore, first of all, we install this app.
2. after installation, you need to register in it or get authorized if you already have an account. After selecting the region.
3) Then we connect the board to the network, this action will be accompanied by a beep and an indication of light on the board itself. In the application, we find the " + " sign in the upper right corner and click it to search for new devices. Mi Home will find the cooker within a few seconds.
4. then select the hob and connect it to the desired Wi-Fi access point.
5. Once you select the desired access point and enter the password, expect a connection. Next, select the location of the hob and give it a name. After a successful connection, the cooker indicator will appear in the Mi Home menu.
To reconnect the Mijia Induction Cooker to another access point, you'll need to reset the Wi-Fi settings on the cooker, which can be done by holding down the Time AND Menu keys simultaneously for a few seconds.

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