Xiaomi Mija Roborock S55 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Cle
Xiaomi Mija Roborock S55 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Black

Xiaomi Mija Roborock S55 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Black

CODE: XIAOMI VACUUM S55 BLACK / EAN: 6970995780239
324,34 GBP with VAT
Colour: Black
Mopping function: Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner: Cleaning robot


Cleaning Robot Mi Robot Vacuum 2 Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 is a portable, intelligent home appliance and an excellent helper to help you clean your home. The presented MiJia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner is an upgraded version of the robots in this series. Its work is more efficient and faster thanks to the increased battery capacity. The cleaning robot from Xiaomi Mijia vacuums and cleans floors very thoroughly. Bet on modern solutions and comfort of cleaning, because thanks to Roborock cleaning robot your apartment will shine and you will gain free time.

Cleaning robot Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2

Sweeping and mopping function

Mijia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 combines two functions that allow you to first sweep the floor and then wash it with a wet mop. Thanks to the built-in tank, the device absorbs water and provides effective cleaning. The main brush with V-bristles with a speed of 1350 revolutions per minute together with the Z-shaped side brushes with 330 revolutions per minute ensure effective cleaning. The mop is located at the water tank and is as wide as the main vacuum cleaner brush.

Sweeping and mopping function

Mopping water tank

To ensure effective cleaning, MiJa Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 is equipped with a special water tank with a design for easy use and installation. The water from the tank moistens the microfibre material and the intelligent system controls the water level itself. In this mode the device can operate for about 40-50 minutes.

Laser distance sensor (LDS)

Laser Distance System, or distance sensor, allows you to scan the room with LAM algorithm and monitor the environment accurately, as the viewing angle is 360 degrees.

Laser distance sensor (LDS)

Easy to operate

Remote control is done by means of a special application called Mijia, and when you see a map of your apartment or house, you will direct the vacuum cleaner to the desired place, pointing it to the phone screen. The Mijia 2 device can also plan the cleaning route on its own.

13 sensors

Collision-free and effective cleaning is ensured by 13 built-in sensors, including the LDS laser sensor. An improved sensor system with soft bumpers on the housing helps protect the device from damage. 4 edge sensors prevent the device from falling from a height and a wall sensor keeps the device 10 mm from the wall. If the device is lifted, the special sensor is activated and the vacuum cleaner stops working. A charging sensor with infrared technology ensures effective charging of the robot.

Protection against hair suction

During the cleaning process there is a risk of damage to the engine caused by hair sucked in. To avoid this, the main brush, the wheels and the side brush in the presented Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum CLeaner 2 are equipped with a hair retractable design, which also helps protect the device from overheating.

Hair protection

Quiet work

Forget the annoying sounds of a working vacuum cleaner, MiJia Roborock works extremely quietly.

Washable filter

Washable class E11 filter with waterproof Teflon coating ensures effective cleaning all year round. To ensure maximum performance, the manufacturer recommends replacing the filter at least once a year.


High capacity battery

The 5200 mAh battery allows for 2.5 hours of operation on a single charge and cleaning up to 250 square meters of living space.

Improved charging base

The Roborock pass features a 180-degree infrared range of about 4 meters. The vacuum cleaner monitors the battery charge level and when it is low, it immediately locates the charging base and reaches the docking station using 2 laser sensors. The device is equipped with protection against overvoltage and short circuits.



Features / filters
Colour Black
Mopping function Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner Cleaning robot

Basic technical parameters
Type of device Vacuum cleaner
Model Mi Robot Vacuum 2
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Dimensions 353 mm x 350 mm x 96.5 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Suction power 2000 Pa
Rated voltage 14,4 V
Rated power 58 W
Functions Vacuuming
Sweeping up
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 14.4 V/5200 mAh
Working time Up to 2.5 hours
Wireless connections Wi-Fi
Colour Black
Docking station parameters
Dimensions 151 mm x 130 mm x 98 mm
Rated power 42 W
Input power supply 100-240 V
Rated power output 20 V 1.8 A
Rated frequency 50/60Hz




Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 (EN) User Manual Download
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 (ENG) user manual Download


What is the battery life of the Roborock S55?

The operating time of ROBOROCK S55 after full charge is about 2.5 hours.

Does the vacuum cleaner work with Amazon Alex or a Google assistant?

Yes, you can use the vacuum cleaner by giving commands to Alex or Google Voice Assistant. In the latter case, you can give commands in Polish.

What is the difference between the S50 and S55?

The models only differ in the colour of the housing. The S50 is white and the S55 is black. All functions and parameters are identical in both devices.

The main brush underneath the vacuum cleaner moves loosely up and down. Is that normal?

Yes, the brush can be flexibly attached to the floor. This is important when cleaning uneven floors (e.g. thresholds or carpet edges).

What should I do if I frequently exceed my Wi-Fi connection time?

In that case, check:
- whether the password for the Wi-Fi network has been entered correctly
- whether the device is within range of the access point (router)
- whether the Xiaomi Home application is updated,
- that the router is connected to the Internet
- that the device is not blocked in the router by filtering IP numbers or MAC addresses
- whether the router supports DHCP

What if the vacuum cleaner goes round in circles?

This may be due to the contamination of one of the sensors. Wipe all sensors, both the ones underneath and the one on the right side of the device.

What to do when the vacuum cleaner is not working normally and is still bumping against furniture and walls?

Occasionally, the vacuum cleaner may lose its orientation. Stop vacuuming, move the unit to the docking station and resume operation.

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