Xiaomi Mija Roborock S6 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Clea
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Xiaomi Mija Roborock S6 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

Xiaomi Mija Roborock S6 | Vacuum Cleaner | Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

CODE: ROBOROCK S6 BLACK / EAN: 6970995780925
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Colour: Black
Mopping function: Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner: Cleaning robot


Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S6 - cleaning robot

Xiaomi MiJia Roborock is a compact, intelligent home appliance that combines the functionality of a maintenance-free vacuum cleaner and mop in one. The latest model Roborock S6 has all the advantages of its predecessor from the series S5 and the innovations introduced make cleaning easier and more effective.
This excellent helper vacuums and cleans floors very thoroughly. Bet on modern solutions and comfort of cleaning, because thanks to Roborock cleaning robot your apartment will shine and you will gain free time.

Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S6 - Cleaning robot

Roborock S6 - vacuum cleaner and mop in one

The Roborock S6 combines two functions that allow you to first sweep the floor and then wet mop it up. The mop is as wide as the main brush of the vacuum cleaner to ensure effective cleaning, and is placed next to a built-in tank that absorbs water. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the machine doses the right amount of water for thorough cleaning when mopping.

New turbo brush

The turbo brush is made of soft, dense bristles (230% denser than in the S5 series) from DuPont, and the five-arm horn brush is made of rubber, which makes cleaning even more effective, and what is important, does not damage floors.

14 built-in sensors and new brush
14 built-in sensors and new brush

Control by application

Xiaomi Home application available in Polish has been improved. The user can not only view a map of his apartment and set a cleaning schedule, but also create virtual walls, divide the apartment into zones and clean only the selected ones, save several different maps, e.g. for different floors of the house or several apartments. The application allows for full control of the robot from anywhere in the world.

Control by application

Greater suction power

Suction power of 2000 Pa guarantees high efficiency in dirt collection. The tornado system coordinates the turbo brush and the side brush, ensuring thorough cleaning of the floor. The device easily distinguishes between the materials of which the surfaces are made and automatically adjusts the appropriate suction power, which is different for carpets and rugs and different for wooden floors or tile.

Greater suction power

Modern navigation technology

Roborock S6 uses the most advanced laser distance measurement technology LDS (Laser Distance System) to navigate the environment in a 360 degree range and a SLAM algorithm to create interior maps. The robot is equipped with a bumper system, which eliminates the risk of damage in case of contact with different surfaces.

Modern navigation technology

Improved base station

Overvoltage and short-circuit protection guarantees high safety and a longer service life of the vacuum cleaner. The improved base station of the S6 model makes it possible to hide the power cord inside it, which not only improves safety but also aesthetics. The battery level sensor monitors the robot's charge level. Thanks to infrared navigation, the device automatically returns to the docking station to recharge the battery and then automatically continues the interrupted cleaning process.

New base station

Powerful battery and quiet operation

The Roborock S6 is even 50% quieter than its predecessor, allowing the vacuum cleaner to clean at different times of the day without disturbing the householders in their daily activities. E11 class E11 HEPA filter with waterproof Teflon coating provides 95% filtering efficiency even after one year of use. The powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh guarantees up to 3 hours of continuous operation, which means 250 m² of tidy flat.

Stronger battery and quieter operation


Features / filters
Colour Black
Mopping function Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner Cleaning robot

Basic technical parameters
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Roborock S6
Type of device Mopping robot
Vacuuming robot
Suction power 2000 Pa
Engine power 58 W
Height 9.65 cm
Width 35 cm
Colour Black
Bag/container fill indicator Yes
Automatic return to the docking station Yes
Communication Dedicated application
Voice announcements in English
Wi-Fi module
Type of sack Bagless
Type of filter HEPA
Sack/container capacity 0.6 l
Power supply Cordless
Battery voltage 14.4 V
Type of battery Lithium-ion
Working time 180 min
Safeguards Before overheating
Before a short circuit
Design 5-armed horn brush
Brush to prevent hair entanglement
Thick-bristle turbo brush
Volume 58 dB
Suction power 2000 pa
Working time 2.5 h (up to 250 m²)
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Volume of the dust container 480 ml
Weight 3.6 kg
Additional information 14 sensors




MiJia User Manual (PL) Download


What has been improved in the latest generation vacuum cleaner?

The successor to Xiaomi S5 (S50 and S55) Roborock S6 is equipped with the latest intelligent navigation system, improved charging station and brushes, both main and side, greater suction power, reinforced sensors, capacity of efficient battery is 5200 mAh. The device is also equipped with new software.

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