Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro | Electric Scooter | 25k
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro | Electric Scooter | 25km/h

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro | Electric Scooter | 25km/h

419,57 GBP with VAT


Mi Electric Scooter Pro Go one step further

High performance engine
Extended battery life up to 45 km
Three driving modes
Built-in display for convenient monitoring

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro

Latest electric scooter Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro

It offers the best technological solutions and the highest quality of workmanship. With an electric scooter it will be more comfortable to move around the city, no matter if you decide to go to school or go to a nearby shop.

Electric Scooter M365 Pro

One button, many applications

Touch the button to turn the scooter on and hold it for three seconds to turn it off. When the scooter is on, tap once to turn the light on/off, or tap twice to switch between speed modes.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro

Even better equipped

The electric scooter Xiaomi M365 Pro can accelerate to 25 km/h with its new powerful engine. 3 speed modes: Easily switch between ECO mode, standard mode (D) and sports mode (S) by simply pressing the power button twice. Power and speed on display:The remaining power and current speed are displayed in real time, reminding you when to load and ride safely.

Electric Scooter M365 Pro

45 km battery, now you can go one step further.

With a safe lithium battery 18650, 474 Wh capacity, efficient power supply and powerful acceleration, the scooter can travel up to 45 km on one charge. The intelligent power management system offers six different protective measures and you can easily check the battery status with the mobile application.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro

It recovers and regenerates energy.

To extend battery life, the scooter converts and stores kinetic energy recovered during acceleration. It is also equipped with a regenerative braking system to save additional power. This improves the emergency braking system and also improves battery life.

Electric Scooter M365 Pro

Provides safer driving day and night

  • Extremely bright headlamp
  • Red rear light for safe braking
  • Dual brake system (rear: disc brake)
  • 8.5-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365 Pro

3-second quick folding.

Simply turn and fold the scooter to fit into the trunk without any problems. Weighs only 14.2 kg

Electric Scooter M365 Pro

Turn your smartphone into a dashboard

Pair your smartphone with your scooter via Bluetooth and use the app to turn it on, update the software, display the mileage, remaining battery and current speed, or turn on the cruise control to save power and give your wrists a rest.

Electric Scooter M365 Pro

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  • Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter M365

    Features / filters
    Device type Electric scooter

    Basic technical parameters:
    Model DDHBC02NEB
    Type of product Electric scooter
    Compatibility iOS 9 and above
    Android 4.3 and above
    Functions 3 speed modes
    Built-in display
    Communication Bluetooth
    Battery capacity
    12800 mAh (474 Wh)
    Reach 45 km
    Charging time up to 9 h
    Temperature range Unloading: -20°C ~ 50°C
    Charging: 0°C ~ 40°C
    Maximum speed
    25 km/h
    15 km/h (energy-saving mode)
    Braking 4 m on dry and flat asphalt
    Regenerative + discrete
    Lighting High brightness front 1.1 W
    Rear LED
    Maximum load 100 kg
    Recommended user height 120~200 cm
    Recommended user age 16~50 years
    Suitable terrain Slope with an inclination of up to 12°
    Power Maximum: 600 W
    Rated power 300 W
    Colour Black
    Height 118 cm
    49 cm (when folded)
    Tyres 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres
    Weight 14.2 kg
    Material of workmanship Aluminium alloy
    Protection class IP54 - Dirt, dust and splash proof
    Additional information Functional mobile application
    6 types of security
    Set Electric scooter
    Power supply
    Hexagonal key
    5 screws
    Extended nozzle adapter


    How far is the distance when the battery is fully charged ?

    Battery life up to 45 km

    What is the charging time ?

    Charging time up to 9 h

    What is the material?

    Material: aluminium alloy

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