Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus | Vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, do
Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus | Vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, docking station with 3L tank

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus | Vacuum cleaner | 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh, docking station with 3L tank

372,06 GBP with VAT
Colour: White
Mopping function: Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner: Cleaning robot


Roidmi EVE Plus - the next generation intelligent cleaning robot

TheRoidmi EVE Plus is a cleaning robot with mop function, which thanks to its high suction power of 2700 Pa and its array of sensors is ideal as a domestic vacuum cleaner. Its powerful processor quickly processes the sensor data with advanced algorithms to create an accurate map of your environment. The Roidmi EVE Plus can be remotely controlled from the mobile app.


LDS 4th generation super-sensitive lidar for precise scanning and mapping

ROIDMI's 4th generation super-sensitive LDS lidar can quickly scan an entire house and automatically draw maps using the SLAM algorithm, with 40% higher accuracy than the previous generation.

roidmi-eve lidar

Intelligent room division

With automatic artificial intelligence recognition, not only can you automatically save a zone map, but you can also combine, style and name zones to achieve cleaning in a set order or scheduled cleaning of a designated room.


Automatic resuming of cleaning

When your Roidmi vacuum cleaner has finished its cleaning or its battery is low, it will automatically return to its charging base. And if it hasn't done your cleaning plan yet, Roidmi EVE Plus remembers where it left off, so it can go back there and continue once the battery is charged.


18 different sensors to protect your device

The18 sensors in the Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus ensure safe cleaning for both the device and your furniture. For example, with the level sensor, Roidmi EVE Plus detects stairs and prevents falls. With the LDS sensor and anti-collision panel, it detects obstacles and avoids bumping into them.
Moreover, small steps or unevenness are not a problem for it as it easily overcomes obstacles up to 20 mm in height.


Intelligent dust collection station

ROIDMI EVE Plus is not only a charging station, but also a smart dustbin. After cleaning, it automatically empties the dust bin is full. It also has original ozone antibacterial and odor removing technology.

roidmi eve plus station

Peace of mind for up to a month

With the ROIDMI EVE Plus robot, you can rest assured that your business travels. Even if you're away for a month, EVE Plus can clean your home every day.



Features / filters
Colour White
Mopping function Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner Cleaning robot

Technical data
Model Roidmi Eve Plus
Navidation mode LDS Slam
Suction power 2700 Pa
Recommended surface 250m2
Height of obstacles 20mm
Battery 5200 mAh Lithium Ion
Power Vacuum cleaner 50 W
Station 850 W
Dimensions Vacuum cleaner 350 x 350 x 98 mm
Station 358 x 350 x 175 mm
Weight 3.6 kg + 2.7 kg
Dust container capacity 300 ml + 3 L
Application Yes
Dust container in docking station Yes
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