Zyxel P-793H V3 | Router | G.SHDSL, 4x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ11, 1
Zyxel P-793H V3 | Router | G.SHDSL, 4x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ11, 1x USB

Zyxel P-793H V3 | Router | G.SHDSL, 4x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x RJ11, 1x USB

CODE: P-793HV3-ZZ01V1F
172,65 GBP with VAT
Number of LAN ports: 4x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
Additional connectors / interfaces: 1x USBRS232
Type of case: Desktop
Type of device power supply: Power supply


Zyxel P-793H v3 SHDSL Router

The Zyxel P-793H v3 SHDSL Router in a compact black chassis is the optimal solution for office or corporate environments as it can provide Internet connectivity over G.SHDSL copper lines. For wired connection of network devices, the device offers 4 ports with a data transfer rate of 10/100 Mbps. There is also one USB 2.0 type B port to connect a storage device and a 3G/4G wireless modem.


VPN support and a good firewall

With VPN Endpoint support, the Zyxel P-793H v3 SHDSL router allows you to create up to 10 VPN tunnels simultaneously, ensuring the security of your data link. The SHDSL gateway also allows you to set up a firewall to block network threats, provide traffic filtering by IP address, by MAC address. The router can be managed and configured via SNMP, web interface or console port.


Benefits of the Zyxel P-793H v3 SHDSL Router

  • Symmetrical access to high-speed Internet

  • The Zyxel P-793H v3 is a high-performance SHDSL.bis gateway for small and medium offices that provides Internet connectivity and LAN-to-LAN connections over existing copper wires. Leveraging the capabilities of SHDSL.bis technology, the P-793H v3 provides data transfer speeds of up to 30.6 Mbps over two copper pairs.

  • LAN-to-LAN Connection
  • Users can configure a point-to-point connection between two Zyxel P-793H v3 devices and achieve a cost-effective, high-speed connection for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video conferencing and distance learning.

  • Flexibility - one device supports both EFM and ATM
  • Zyxel P-793H v3 is a SHDSL.bis gateway for small/medium offices that supports EFM and ATM modes, providing high-speed LAN-to-LAN and Internet connectivity for small businesses and branch offices over copper wires.

  • IPSec VPN

  • IPSec VPN is a standard VPN virtual private network that provides a flexible connection for secure transactions over the Internet and other public networks.



    Features / filters
    Number of LAN ports 4x 10/100BaseTX (RJ45)
    Additional connectors / interfaces 1x USB, RS232,
    Type of case Desktop
    Type of device power supply Power supply

    System specifications
    Supports Router/Bridge mode Support for IP routing (RFC 791)
    TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP v1 and v2, ARP, RIP v1, RIP v2
    Transparent bridging (IEEE 802.1D)
    Support for PPP BCP (RFC 3185)
    IGMP snooping
    G.SHDSL Supports ITU-T G991.2/G.994.1 standards
    Supports ITU-T G.998.1 (G.bond)
    Supports TC-PAM16 and TC-PAM32 modulation
    Configurable in both server and client mode
    Automatically detects EFM/ATM
    Complies with IEEE 802.3 Chapter 57 OAM specification
    Supports IEEE 802.3 2BASE-TL (aka 802.3ah) specification
    Baud rate matching/manual baud rate adaptation configuration
    Loop: 2 pairs (4 wires)
    Supports IPoE
    Supports PPPoE
    Symmetrical data rate at least 5.69 Mbps in 2-wire mode, range over 0.4 mm wire at least 2.5 km
    Symmetric data rate at least 11.3 Mbit/s in 4 wire mode, range over 0.4 mm wire at least 2 km
    ATM service Multi-protocol support via AAL5 (RFC1483) (does not support IPoA/PPPoA) 1 PVC support
    EMF support IEEE 802.3 compliant EFM mode
    PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516)
    Support for OAMPDU information and functions (ITU-T Y.1731)
    OAMPDU event notification, variable request, variable response, loopback control
    VLAN-based QOS (802.1P/Q)
    Organisation of common access to the Internet NAT (including multi-to-multi NAT)/SUA, 8192 NAT sessions
    NAT cone limited port
    SIP ALG pass-through
    NAT Server (port forwarding)
    Dynamic DNS (www.dyndns.org)
    DHCP server/client/relay
    Security User authentication (PAP, CHAP) with PPP (RFC 1334, RFC 1994)
    Microsoft CHAP
    Stateful Packet Inspection firewall
    Content filter
    Denial of Service attack protection
    Service access control
    Real-time alerts and attack logging
    Network management Configuration via web interface
    Command line interface (CLI)
    Telnet with passwords
    SNMP MIB I/MIB II support
    Microcode updates via TFTP and FTP; configuration backup via TR69
    VPN IPSec VPN support
    10 VPN tunnels
    DES/3DES/AES encryption
    MD5/SHA1 authentication
    IPSec VPN keep-alive
    Passing through IPSec NAT
    Diagnostic functions Automatic tests check the operation of the following electronic components: FLASH memory, SDSL chip, RAM memory, LAN port
    Other functions DNS proxy
    Ethernet port can be tagged only or untagged only.
    Equipment specifications
    Equipment specifications 1 RJ-11 interface for dual G.SHDSL WAN port
    4 10M/100M Ethernet LAN ports with RJ-45 auto-sensing
    1 x USB 2.0 host port
    1 x D-Sub 9 pin female (DCE), RS232
    Power cable connector
    Power switch
    Reset button
    Power consumption: 9 W max.
    Physical properties
    Physical properties Dimensions without packaging (WxDxH): 211 x 154 x 40 mm
    Weight without packaging: 445g
    Dimensions with packaging: 363 x 165 x 57 mm
    Weight with packaging: 830g
    Environmental requirements
    Work Temperature: 0°C - 45°C
    Relative humidity: 10% - 90% RH (without condensation)
    Storage Temperature: -20°C - 70°C
    Relative humidity: 10% - 95% RH (non-condensing)



    Data sheet Download
    User Manual Download
    Quick Start Guide Download


    How many simultaneous VPN connections does this router support?

    ZYXEL P-793H V3 supports up to 10 simultaneous VPN connections.

    What speed is supported by the ports?

    Zyxel P-793H V3 has 4 RJ45 ports at 10/100M

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