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Summer cooling - robust fans for hot days

High temperatures can be very inconvenient not only for work but also for everyday functioning in the home space. Nowadays there are various ways to cool down. Among them are more costly methods, such as installing air conditioning, but invariably the most popular way to cool down is the use of fans. Explore Xiaomi fans from our store and order them for your home and business!
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Xiaomi Fan

Why buy a windmill for your business?

Some companies choose to install air conditioning. This has its advantages, but also disadvantages. First of all, the cost of the installation is high, plus maintenance, inspections - without them in the air conditioning can develop germs dangerous to health. A threat that arises from having air conditioning is that through the large difference in temperature (low inside the building, very high inside) numerous diseases are possible. All these arguments speak in favour of not using air conditioning. If you have it in your company, it is still worth deciding on windmills. They will be invaluable in a situation when it happens to break down. Windmills are a great way to cool down, they set the air in motion which cools you down and makes you more comfortable. Each employee can thus decide on the strength that is right for them and cool down as much as they need to

Windmill for the home - advantages

Do you often find your home heated up when you get home? If you want to ensure a suitable level of cooling, then choose a solid fan. It will be useful not only in the living room when relaxing, but also in the bedroom during hot nights and even in the kitchen when cooking, when steam and oven temperatures heat up the room even more. A fan will also make your time spent on the terrace or in the garden more enjoyable. Check out our range of fans and choose a durable, long-lasting one that will be with you for many seasons!
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Xiaomi SmartMi Standing Fan 3

Windmills from Xiaomi - meet the best models!

When buying a fan, it is worth paying attention to several important features. These products, which are commonly found in popular stores, often do not meet even the smallest requirements. Therefore, it is worth investing in a windmill with many functionalities, it is an item that is supposed to provide the highest comfort, and at the same time should serve for at least a few seasons. In our offer you will find a solid windmills from Xiaomi, which will allow you to cool down and regulate the strength of the wind without going to the device. Xiaomi is a brand known for the fact that in their devices introduce improvements so that each user can adjust their operation to individual preferences. This is also the case with fans from Xiaomi.

One of the most popular models is the Xiaomi SmartMi Standing Fan 3. It not only cools, but also improves the air quality itself. It has a sturdy stand that will hold up even on the lawn, it will not be blown over by the wind. Made of durable materials, it stands out for its long life. It is easy to clean and of course has a modern design. But its appearance and sturdy construction are only part of the advantage. Its rotor has seven blades, thanks to which the airflow is constant. This model is distinguished by the fact that it is equipped with an air ionizer. This is an important feature especially for allergy sufferers who want to cool down, but classic fans also direct allergens in their direction. Air saturated with ions makes breathing much easier, it is clean and will remind you of the air after a storm or known from mountain trips. If you like strong wind, this fan will give you that. It can cool the whole room evenly - you don't need several fans, just one. It works in multiple angles and three modes, and you can opt for up to 12 different speeds. This device is designed to meet different expectations - it has an ultra-quiet night mode so you can sleep comfortably and peacefully. Its huge advantage is that you can operate it without going near it. The fan comes with a remote control, with which you can change power and modes. You can use the fan wherever you want - works on a single battery charge up to 20 hours. So you can take it with you to the garden or a place away from the electrical outlet. Interestingly, you can charge it not only directly from the mains, but also from your laptop or even via PowerBank!

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Xiaomi SmartMi Standing Fan 2S

Another model we recommend is the Xiaomi SmartMi Standing Fan 2S. It is gaining popularity due to its light weight (only 3.6 kg), which does not affect its solidity and stability! It has an energy-efficient and quiet motor, so it works up to 20 hours on a single charge , and at the same time the force of the breeze can be extremely powerful! The advantage of this fan is the way to operate it - you just need to turn on the app installed on your phone!

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