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Industrial router Teltonika RUTX12 - performance test

Network devices developed for specific applications such as the RUTX12 from Teltonika provide a wide range of possibilities. This compact dual band WiFi router with dual LTE cat. 6 in aluminum housing is dedicated to industrial use, working with installations such as IoT, IIoT or smart house. It supports multiple standards compliant network protocols, and the RutOS operating system provides almost unlimited configuration and operation scenarios. We only tested the range and throughput of wireless communication in WiFi 5 standard, i.e. IEEE 802.11ac Wave-2, and the connectivity of the LTE modem. Hardware parameters indicate that it will perform well in many specific implementations.
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Teltonika RUTX12 specification

The basic parameters of the device, which can be found in the specification, look promising. The four-port GigabitEthernet switch has a separate WAN port, in the same standard, configurable as a LAN port. All Ethernet ports support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, 802.3az standards and auto MDI/MDIX crossover. Additionally, PoE power capability is available on the first port.
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Communication with Teltonika 'sRUTX12 is also possible using the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE module for short distances, and a dual-band WiFi network operating on IEEE 802.11ac Wave-2, also supporting 802.11r fast transition. The WiFi module provides wireless transmission capability of up to 867 Mbps Dual Band, MU-MIMO, with simultaneous connection of up to 150 users as specified. It supports high security standards - WPA3-EAP, WPA3-SAE, WPA2-Enterprise-PEAP or WPA2-PSK, WEP; AES-CCMP, TKIP, Auto Cipher modes and client separation.

Additionally, the device has a built-in dual LTE category 6 modem, which allows for cooperation of two modems to achieve mobile connectivity of up to 600 Mbps. It is a chance to create failover connections or load balancing. GNSS module can be helpful in navigation or time synchronization. USB 2.0 A port allows to use other extensions of RUTX12 router's functionality, like disk drives, flash memory, additional modem or printer.
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Router can also communicate with external devices using digital input and output on 4-pin power connector. DC power supply is of industrial type. The device can be mounted on a DIN rail. It allows for operation in the range of -40 to 75 degrees Celsius. It weighs 540 grams and its dimensions are 123 mm by 95 mm by 44 mm.
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Teltonika RUTX12 router has support for Teltonika RMS management system. It supports the basic elements of SMS notification of status as well as position changes. Once registered with RMS, remote management becomes possible, making it easier to use the RUTX12 as an alarm control panel, for example. The device is based on a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor clocked at 717MHz and 256MB of DDR3 RAM, ensuring fast processing of all data.

Unboxing of Teltonika RUTX12 router - package contents

TheTeltonika RUTX12 router comes in a standard package. It has up to eight antenna connectors and antennas:
  • 4 x SMA for LTE, with omnidirectional antennas 698~960/1710~2690 MHz, 50 Ohm, VSWR<3, zysk 3 dBi,
  • 2 x RP-SMA for WiFi, with omnidirectional antennas 2400~2500 MHz/4950~5850 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<2, zysk 3 dBi,
  • 1 x RP-SMA for Bluetooth, with omnidirectional antenna 2400~2500 MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR<2.5, zysk 2.5 dBi,
  • 1 x SMA for GNNS, 1575.42~1602 MHz, 2.2~5 VDC, VSWR<1.5, active total gain 28 dB, RHCP polarization,
The tested set includes antennas with the parameters indicated above, and thanks to the use of standard connectors, they can be replaced if necessary.
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The antenna has been equipped with power supply: Input: 0.6 A@100-240 VAC, Output: 12 VDC, 1.5 A, 4 pin plug, Ethernet cable and two SIM card trays. The package also includes a quick start guide for the device and RMS.

Initial settings for the Teltonika RUTX12 WiFi/LTE router

Teltonika RUTX12 router is operated via extensive web interface, available on any browser after logging in. The login data given by the manufacturer for the first logging is login: admin password: admin01. Of course, for security reasons, they have to be changed, which is also enforced by the system.
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The first configuration can be done via the included cable connection, or WiFi, which has the startup settings written on the sticker of the device. Once registered, the TELTONIKA RMS also allows extensive management, also accessible from outside the local network.

Teltonika RUTX12

The English interface is exceptionally clear and legible, despite the many options for entering settings or checking device status. It is based on a hierarchical menu and tabs in a pleasant to the eye bright colors.

Teltonika RUTX12
Registering a device in RMS requires an Internet connection, creating and activating an account on the manufacturer's website, or logging in and adding the device. Make sure that the RMS setting on the router is not disabled, because then the RMS cannot be used. If RUTX12 router connects, RMS status will be marked as online.
Teltonika RUTX12
The registration process is simple and relatively quick, and the range of remote support is very broad.
Teltonika RUTX12

Notes on configuration and management options

The device has rich management options thanks to the RutOS operating system used. It supports for example eight types of VPN, Dual WAN, advanced protection against attacks, MQTT, many security features, such as Ipsec, PPTP, L2TP, Stunnel and GNSS tracking, and many others. The system provides the possibility to write custom scripts to help implement individual applications, as well as install additional packages to extend the basic functionality. The purpose of the router to support IoT is intentional, but some people may miss more inputs and outputs or a physical RS232/435 port. Teltonika RMS, or Remote Management System gives full information and statistics, remote configuration or even access to CLI. The manufacturer has set itself the goal of providing a device with high reliability, allowing to provide uninterrupted connectivity to the Internet.

Test of RUTX12 device from Teltonik - conditions

We performed the speed tests using WiFiPerf software, and the speed test server was iperf3 software. The conditions were similar to the tests of the other devices in the series of experiments we conducted. A three-storey building with the device located on the ground floor was used to prepare a sitemap. To make a signal map we used AirSurvey software. For correct reading of the signal levels it is worth to pay attention to the color legend at the bottom of the picture. The device on the "ground floor" was connected to the switch via 1 Gbps Ethernet port.

Teltonika RUTX12 HeatMap

How did the Teltonika RUTX12 dual-band router perform in tests?

Measurement with radio spectrum analyzer of Teltonika RUTX12 device showed relatively poor performance of WiFi transmitters. The signal power level at the time of saturation of the link in the direction of transmission from RUT12 showed considerable power fluctuations.
Teltonika RUTX12 Analyzer

WiFi network speed tests unfortunately did not turn out too well, because in points 5 and 6 network was unavailable. When trying to perform the measurements it turned out that the test device has too weak range to establish a stable wireless connection.

Teltonika RUTX12

For the remaining points, the connection was fairly stable given the obstacles overcome, as shown in the table below.

Measurement point 1 - Download 326.87 Mbps / Upload 494.64 Mbps
1. RUTX12 Download
1. RUTX12 Upload
Measurement point 2: Download 360.31 Mbps / Upload 439.57 Mbps
2. RUTX12 Download
2. RUTX12 Upload
Measurement point 3 - Download 353.40 Mbps / Upload 214.98 Mbps
3. RUTX12 Download
3. RUTX12 Upload
Measurement point 4 - Download 29.53 Mbps / Upload 33.74 Mbps
4. RUTX12 Download
4. RUTX12 Upload
In addition, we examined the possibilities offered by the LTE connection RUTX12. In the test conditions, in comparison with other LTE devices, the achieved throughput and other parameters of the connection in the Play network were very good. The computer on which the test was conducted was connected to the router wirelessly.
Teltonika RUTX12
Teltonika RUTX12

Both the indicator lights of the device and the web interface allow you to check the strength of the mobile signal, which facilitates optimal antenna alignment. Dual SIM option makes it possible, for example, to use cards of two different operators.

An inconspicuous industrial router rich in features - summary

Teltonika's RUTX12 is high-end network equipment, but not intended for home or office use. Its range and throughput may be poorly compared to home and business solutions, but other equipment does not provide such configuration and management capabilities, as well as hardware interfaces such as LTE Dual SIM, Bluetooth, Digital IN/OUT, USB. Teltonika's RUTX12 networking hardware was created for specific implementations, it is an industrial router for capability-conscious professional users who skillfully use the extension options provided by RutOS. It supports various IoT platforms, providing a range of management and monitoring capabilities. The high-performance network device enclosed in a small aluminum chassis with a number of external antennas is exceptionally well-equipped and with the right configuration meets all expectations.
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