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Wireless Switch from Xiaomi - Mi Wireless Switch

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch

Mi Wireless Switch is a switch that allows you to quickly and easily establish control over multiple home devices. The round button suitable for indoor use can be easily attached to the desired location with double-sided adhesive tape. Once paired with the Xiaomi Gateway, the switch is configured to the desired operating scenario in the app. The device is extremely energy efficient, allowing it to run on a single CR2032 battery for up to two years. Minimalist design will fit into any interior.
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Contents of the package

In the package you will find:
  • switch
  • mounting pad with glue
  • warranty information
  • user manual, which includes basic information about the production and its configuration, information on EU compliance, disposal and recycling, and warnings
Zawartość opakowania


The switch requires a gateway device to operate.

Below is the list of available options:
Once the gateway is configured, the whole operation comes down to choosing a mounting location. If we are not sure if the chosen location will be fully effective, we conduct a short test, which consists of pressing the reset button and when the switch gives a signal the place is suitable and the device can successfully communicate with others configured in the application. The last step is just to tear off the protective film from the pad and stick in the desired location and connect and configure with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.

The switch supports three modes:
  • single tap
  • double touch
  • Press and hold
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Mi Wireless Switch works with the Mi Home/ Xiaomi Home mobile app and allows you to interact with other smart devices configured in the app that work only with Zigbee connectivity type. Using the QR code we find on the packaging or the user manual, the mobile device will find the appropriate application to download and install. We can also download the program from the Google store without scanning the QR code, but in both cases adding the device itself will not be automatic and we have to do it ourselves using the " " button located in the upper right corner of the screen after installing the application.
Pobieranie aplikacji
After that, the configuration will be identical in both cases. We will be asked for permissions to connect to the network, location recognition, etc.
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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch is a minimalist and versatile switch for use in smart home systems. The switch is fully customizable and easy to configure when connected to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. It can work with other smart devices configured in the application working in Zigbee mode. Power saving feature allows to work on one CR2032 battery for nearly 2 years.
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