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The evolution of cleaning robots - a base station with automatic trash can emptying

Cordless vacuum cleaners are slowly becoming the basic equipment of each apartment. In Poland, more and more families are choosing them, and the most popular brand is Xiaomi. The brand periodically releases a new vacuum cleaner, which is more and more practical, functional and intelligent at the same time. Find out more about how the Roidmi EVE Plus works - a cordless vacuum cleaner that not only cleans your home, but also empties the bin at the base station on its own!
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Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus - the next revolution in the smart vacuum cleaner market

It might have seemed impossible to squeeze even more functionality out of cleaning robots, but then it entered the market - all in white (with small black elements) Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus!

One of the biggest downsides of robotic cleaners was the small dust and dirt container. Users of these vacuums appreciated not having to vacuum by hand and having the device take care of the entire apartment by itself. However, frequent vacuuming of the container was already problematic. Xiaomi, a manufacturer known for finding solutions to various annoyances of customers created a vacuum cleaner that cleans itself. How does this happen? The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is sold with a workstation. It not only returns to it when it finishes cleaning, but also when its 300 milliliter tank is full. The robot visits the workstation for fourteen seconds, and then returns with the empty container to where it left off and continues working. The station has a 3-liter tank, which means users don't have to empty it often. This is a huge plus that makes the cleaning robot even more convenient. The smart vacuum cleaner will also charge itself in the docking station.

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Advantages of a vacuum cleaner that will convince you

Some potential customers would pass up the purchase of Xiaomi's newer vacuum cleaner if it was just about the docking station. However, this hardware comes with a lot more amenities. First of all, the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus has the latest generation of LDS SLAM radar - this is the fourth generation, which is 40% more accurate than the previous one. This increases its usability, it quickly scans the whole day, draws maps and clears the whole space thoroughly with 18 sensors. It looks in all places, avoids obstacles efficiently, and what's more - after being interrupted, it always starts at the point where it was last and finishes cleaning. This intelligent cleaning robot impresses with its accuracy - a model you don't have to repeat. It has a high suction power, which is 2700 Pa, so it will not miss even the crumbs that seem to be "bitten" into the carpet.
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Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus useful features

The cleaning robot is no longer just a vacuum cleaner, but also mops. Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 250 milliliters. It is important that you always empty the water container after mopping the floor. After it vacuums, you can attach a cloth to it and after that turn on the wet cleaning - through the app, of course. You will operate this robot, just like the previous models, conveniently using your phone. You can, of course, check the maps and verify what rooms it has been in. You will operate the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus using different apps - you can choose Xiaomi Home or Rodimi Cleaner. In each of them you will check the cleaning time, route information and a lot of other data. Another functionality is the voice commands that you can give to the robot. The robot will obediently follow our commands, but it requires the use of English. Through the application (after scanning the entire house by the robot) name each room, determine the order of cleaning on the map or schedule the cleaning of only part of the house. Artificial intelligence in this model is even more developed.

Moving gracefully

Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus does not bump into furniture, but with smooth movements moves around all rooms. It avoids furniture, shoes, does not bump into obstacles. You can watch how smoothly it covers meters without touching any object. This is thanks to the anti-collision panel and sensors, thanks to which the robot manages on flat surfaces, avoids stairs and at the same time can clean even uneven surfaces.
Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus Kliknij aby powiększyć!

Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus - is it worth having?

Equipped with 18 sensors, it's silent, goes to nap on its own (pulls up to the workstation to recharge), empties its container, scans the entire apartment and avoids obstacles. Sounds like the perfect robot? Yes, because the Xiaomi Roidmi EVE Plus is just that. This robot is especially recommended to allergy sufferers, because it was created using modern antibacterial technology. The robot also copes well with unpleasant odors. If you are looking for a robot that meets all your expectations (and even more), choose this one!

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