Cisco SF110-16 | Switch | 16x 100Mb/s, Rackmount
Cisco SF110-16 | Switch | 16x 100Mb/s, Rackmount

Cisco SF110-16 | Switch | 16x 100Mb/s, Rackmount

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Number of LAN ports: 16x [10/100M (RJ45)]
Number of PoE ports: No PoE ports
Number of WAN ports: Not applicable


High quality Cisco switch SF110-16

Cisco SF110-16-EU is a 16-port switch characterized by a transmission speed of 100Mb/s and switching capacity reaching 3.2 Gbit/s. The SF110-16 works right out of the box, does not require configuration, software downloads or any user intervention. With this switch you will be able to connect up to 16 computers, printers and wireless access points, and share network resources. The device also features the Quality os Service (QoS) function, which automatically prioritizes delay-sensitive data - such as video and audio.

switch unmanaged 16 port sf110 cisco 1/100

Quiet, discreetly, economically.

The switch is designed to optimize energy consumption, offering low power consumption without compromising performance. It has no fans, so it works quietly and discreetly. Furthermore, each port of the switch sets independently the optimal speed and automatically determines whether it is to operate in half-duplex or full-duplex mode.

Cisco 110 series are affordable switches

Increase the speed and efficiency of your office network at low cost, without wasting time on set-up. With Cisco switches you can easily build a reliable network to connect computers, printers, copiers and other office equipment. Efficient and trouble-free business-class office network with unmanaged Cisco® 110 switches.

The 110 series Switches Cisco provide small businesses with basic network connectivity and reliability. These switches guarantee all functions and expandability - without installation software and without configuration. Simply connect the switch, computers or other business equipment and get down to work.

The Cisco 110 series is part of Cisco Small Business network solutions. It is a line of unmanageable switches that provide Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (SG series) connectivity. Available in desk or rack-mounted models, these switches are designed to fit basic networking needs and optimize energy efficiency. They use less energy and provide the robust, reliable connectivity required by businesses. Cisco's affordable 110 series of switches, an enterprise-class network solution, provides proven reliability.

CISCO SF110-16 16-PORT

The 110 Cisco switch series offers:

Ease of use: the switches work right out of the box - no software to install and no configuration required. Each switch port is independently set to the optimum speed and automatically decides whether to operate in half-duplex or full-duplex mode. Cisco switches are also designed to support all devices on the network, including
- support for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and up to 1Gbps (SG-series) devices in the same network,
- automatic detection of the network cable used, so do not worry about using the wrong type of cable,
- compatibility with network devices of other manufacturers.

Easy to install: Designed for small office spaces, the Cisco 110 series switches are available in both compact Desktop and rack-mounted enclosures. The Desktop models offer wall mounting options.

High Performance: Cisco provides the performance needed for business applications, including high-bandwidth, bandwidth-intensive video services to avoid network latency. The switches support Gigabit Ethernet (SG-series), unlocking a new level of bandwidth and performance in your business network, allowing you to transfer large files in seconds.

Reduced energy consumption: the 110 series switches are designed to save energy by optimizing energy consumption without sacrificing efficiency. In addition, they support the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard (IEEE 802.3az), which reduces energy consumption by monitoring traffic on the active link and putting it into a sleep state when not in use. Most switches do not have fans, so they run quietly while reducing energy costs.

High technology support: all switches are equipped with advanced motion control features to ensure maximum performance. The integrated QoS intelligence in all models automatically prioritizes delay-sensitive services such as voice or video services - to increase network performance. By detecting unintentionally created loops, you avoid collisions of devices that could cause a network to stop. Cable diagnostics help to identify and resolve network cabling problems. Fast store-and-forward switching identifies damaged packets and prevents them from passing through the network. All these functions work automatically - without the need for management or configuration.

Faultlessness: high quality and reliability are the features,
that you can expect from a Cisco device. The equipment has been rigorously tested to ensure optimal uptime and performance.

Cisco switch SF110-16


Features / filters
LAN standard Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb/s
Number of LAN ports 16x [10/100M (RJ45)]
Number of PoE ports No PoE ports
Number of WAN ports Not applicable
Built-in modem None
Management No
Power (W) Without PoE
Switching layer 2
Type of case Rack (1U), Desktop,

Technical specifications for the SF110-16

Basic technical parameters
Cabling Category 5e or higher
Supported standards IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet, IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control, 802.1p priority, Energy Efficient Ethernet
LED lights System/PWR, link/activity, 100M,*PoE, *mMax PoE, cable diagnostics, loop detection, *gigabit,* mini-GBIC*.
*if the switch is equipped with this port
Physical interfaces
Ports 16 ports RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Power supply 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz, integrated
Socket Kensington Castle Nest
Physical dimensions (W x D x H) 279.4 x 44.5 x 170 mm
Weight 1.25 kg
Power over Ethernet (PoE) None
Fan None
Switching capacity 3.2 Gbps
Capacity 1.4 mpps (based on 64-byte packages)
Head-of-line (HOL) Prevention of HOL blocking
Jumbo frame 9216 bytes
Quality of service (QoS) 802.1p, 4 queues, priority and CSF
Loop detection Helps to detect loops in the network
Cable diagnostics Quickly identify and resolve problems with network cables and/or short circuits.
Installation and protection
Mounting options In a rack or Desktop
Physical security lock Kensington Castle Nest
Environmental features
Certificates of conformity UL (UL 60950), CSA (CSA 22.2), CE, FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A, FCC Class B*
*Selected models
Operating temperature 32°F to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Storage temperature -4°F to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Ambient humidity 10% to 90%, relative, non-condensing
Humidity during storage 5% to 90%, relative, non-condensing
System memory 128-MB RAM
128-MB Flash
Package contents - 110 Series Cisco Switch 110
- Power cable / mains adapter
- Operating instructions
- Mounting accessories



Cisco Series 110 Datasheet - ENG Download
Cisco 110 series Short instruction manual - ENG Download



What is the difference between the Cisco 110 series switch models?

The comparison can be found on the official Cisco website at the address: Comparison of series 110

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