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Get the best performance without interruption!
Ubiquiti AF60 | Radioline | AirFiber, 5GHz, 60GHz, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 11/38dBi, GPS
/ Radioline / 60GHz, which is revolutionizing the market, is now at your fingertips! Build your network based on Ubiquiti … more...
Immerse yourself in a new dimension
Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34" | Monitor | 21:9, 144Hz, WQHD, FreeSync
/ Monitor / New experience, thanks to the curved screen. Work comfort, high resolution and refreshing 144Hz … more...
Simple and effective home security
Hikvision HWK-N4142B-MH/W | CCTV WiFi Kit | 4 cameras Wi-Fi, 2MP, IP67 + NVR, WiFi, 4-ch
/ CCTV set / Protect your property with a wireless monitoring set. Configuration in seconds … more...


Router test
MikroTik | Audience
WiFi needs to be fast, reliable, and manageable.

This is what Audience devices can provide in great style - even in the largest homes...


  • trip_origin dual-band power
  • trip_origin support for up to 2048 devices
  • trip_origin managed by the cloud
159,20 GBP




Batna24.com – leader in the network equipment trade

Our company makes every effort to ensure that both the equipment we distribute and the quality of our services is as high as possible. As you can see with success, since we are said to be among the leaders on the market of network equipment. Batna was founded in 2001. Since then, it has been growing in the power of innovation, its staff has been joined by a group of highly qualified experts. We did not stop at just national success. We decided to join the European circulation of technological values. We cooperate with such brands jak Ubiquiti Networks oraz Mikrotik. Our regular sales offer includes equipment Extralink, Totolink, TP-Link, Zyxel, Rf-Elements, and also QNAP.

Batna24.com – Your network partner

We can say about ourselves that we've crossed boundaries in order to increase our reach. Our range includes equipment and accessories for wireless, wired or fiber optic networks. Antennas, routers, fiber optic cables, optical fibre boxes or cabinets impress with their standard of manufacture. They will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the Internet in comfort.

Accessories and server devices

At Batna24.com we have a wide range of accessories and server devices. We offer rack cabinets, which due to their high standard will be used in professional IT studios. We also recommend special attention to server units cooperating with many types of systems.

Home solutions

We want the equipment you use every day to be the best. That is why we present modern solutions for the home. You will find here smart devices, laptops, notebooks, alarm systems, solar systems, as well as the possibility of managing all equipment from the control panel level - this will be made possible by the offer of the Smart Home.

Within your reach - huge possibilities

Batna24.com is one of the largest collections of network devices of such an impressive standard. And that's because we enter into business cooperation only with proven and leading entities. We respond to the needs of this specific market in a complete and concrete way. The devices you will find in our offer are copies of a new technological era. They are solutions for professionals, in which the code is inscribed in the ambition of reliability.

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