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Ensuring the safety of your family as well as your company is invaluable. That is why it is worth investing in the best solution that will allow you to control your company and residential buildings. The UniFi Protect system was created as an answer to the needs of home and business users. All the functionality you need and much more in one proven system. Find out more about UniFi Protect! UniFi Protect - what is it?
December holidays are a time of meetings with the family, eating together, feasting and talking. However, these moments require special preparation. They concern not only the meals, but also the order. However, it is worth spending as much free time as possible on resting and not focusing on making the floors and windows perfect. If you want to minimize the number of duties, and at the same time buy equipment that will help you every day, it is necessary to check our proposals. In this text we will introduce you to the equipment that will become the greatest convenience in everyday household chores.
Mikrotik is a Latvian brand that has quickly become famous around the world. The company produces professional wireless devices and network solutions that not only use the latest technologies, but are also convenient for every end user. Look at these devices and learn about their functionality!
The colder the temperature, the harder it is to get clean and humidified air. Many people still burn materials in ovens that create substances that are harmful to the whole body when burned. Nowadays it is worth investing in your own health and that of your loved ones, a humidifier and an air purifier will help you to do this. Today we present high-quality humidifiers. Please read our suggestions for these devices straight from Xiaomi!
Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They allow you to listen to music while walking, washing dishes or other activities. They are comfortable and make the sound follow us everywhere. They have many advantages, but you should also consider buying a wireless speaker. Please find out about the advantages of having a wireless speaker and see our suggestions!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days of the biggest promotions around the world. Batna24 also prepared a special offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Find out more about these days and see what products we have prepared for you!
The importance of having monitoring is still emphasized. This applies both to business owners and homeowners. Security of the nearest and dearest, protection of property and possibility of continuous verification of what is going on - these are some of the dozen or so arguments for choosing monitoring. If you have already made this decision, get some valuable tips on how to design a monitoring system.
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