Direct buried fiber optic cable 8F | DAC Z-XOTKTCD, single mode, 8J, G652D, 1,2kN, 5.3mm | Fiberhome

CODE: EX.17320 / EAN: 5903148917320

Direct buried fiber optic cable 8F | DAC Z-XOTKTCD, single mode, 8J, G652D, 1,2kN, 5.3mm | Fiberhome

CODE: EX.17320 / EAN: 5903148917320
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Cabel for assembly: Outside the building
Fiber standard: G.652.D
Number of fibers: 8F
Cable diameter: 5,3mm5.3
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8F DAC Z-XOTKTCD fiber optic cable

8F DAC Z-XOTKTCD fibre optic cable is a buried fibre optic cable designed for direct underground installation. For its construction 8 G.652D fibers are used which are placed in the central tube. Strengthening element, in addition to perimeter strength elements, are two FRP rods from aramid yarn embedded in outer jacket, which provide required cable tensile strength. The HDPE outer sheath protects the cable from the external environment.


Compared to ordinary aramid cables, it has thicker FRP rods and a thicker outer sheath.

Key features

  • Fibre G.652.D
  • Tensile strength 1,2 kN
  • 1.2 mm thick HDPE outer shell
  • Two 0,8 mm diameter FRP reinforcing rods
  • Diameter 5.3 mm


Features / filters
Cabel for assembly Outside the building
Fiber standard G.652.D
Number of fibers 8F
Cable diameter 5,3mm, 5.3,
Cable length 4000
Cable type ADSS
Cable weight 24
Connector 1 No
Connector 1 gender No
Connector 2 No
Connector 2 gender No
Fiber mode structure Single-mode
Fibre optic type G.652D
Jacket material High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Operating temperature (T-T) -30 - 70
Package type Reel
Plug and Play No
Product colour Black
Quantity per pack 1
Tensil strenght 1,2 kN
Test protocol included Yes

Technical data
Cable type Doziemny
Application cable for direct burial in the ground
Number of cables on one reel 4 km
Number of tubes 1
Number of fibres per tube 8
Number of fillers 0
Diameter of tube 2.1 mm
Fibre type G652D
Gel thixotropic gel
Main strengthening elements FRP rod
Diameter of reinforcing bar 0.8 mm
Additional reinforcement It does not have
Outer sheath material HDPE
External shell colour orange
Thickness of the outer coating 1,2 mm
Ripcords 1
Cable diameter ~ 5.3 mm (± 5%)
Cable weight ~ 24 kg/km (± 5%)
Pulling power 1200 N
Bending radius during installation: 20 x diameter
after installation: 10 x diameter
Permissible operating temperature - 30 to + 70 degrees C
Fibre colour standard TIA-598-C


0,26 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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