Extralink 15U 600x450 Black | Rackmount cabinet | wall mounted
Extralink 15U 600x450 Black | Rackmount cabinet | wall mounted

Extralink 15U 600x450 Black | Rackmount cabinet | wall mounted

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Cabinet hight: 15U
Rack cabinet type: Hanging
Colour: Black
Depth: 450mm


EXTRALINK 15U 600X450 rack cabinet Black

The Extralink rack cabinet is designed for wall mounting in offices, network server rooms and CCTV control rooms. The cabinet's walls are made of cold-rolled steel sheet, while the front doors are made of tempered glass with the possibility of opening to the left or right side.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Front

Clearly marked height

Vertical rails have a corresponding height designation, which is 15U (unit). The total height of the cabinet is 87.5 cm.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Height

Easy removal of side walls

Snap fasteners on the side walls allow for their disassembly. Locks and keys are included.

EXTRALINK Wall cabinet

Ceiling adapted to the installation of fans

On the ceiling of the cabinet there are 2 places to install fans for better cooling of the devices and additional conduit for pulling out cables.

EXTRALINK Cabinet Ceiling

Wardrobe construction:

EXTRALINK Cabinet Construction


  • Standard 19'' mounting, welded frame, reliable design
  • The frame structure is prepared for self-assembly, thus it is easy to move and transport, reducing shipping costs
  • Standing/Wall Mounting
  • Easy installation (patent)
  • Removable side panels
  • Holes for cable entry on both the top cover and the bottom panel
  • Tempered glass entrance door, rotation angle over 180 degrees


Features / filters
Cabinet hight 15U
Rack cabinet type Hanging
Colour Black
Depth 450mm
Type of doors Glazed
Width 600mm



Installation instructions Download


What is a racket for?

This cabinet is used to conveniently store all kinds of ICT and telecommunications equipment in one place.

What is the standard of devices that can be placed in a cabinet?

This cabinet is designed for 19" standard equipment.

Does the rack cabinet have ventilation?

Walls and wardrobe panels have long ventilation holes. Separate fans can also be installed on the ceiling for many devices.

How to assemble a closet from scratch?

Installation instructions for the cabinet can be found in its support department.

What are the main parameters characterizing rack cabinets?

Capacity - the height of network devices such as switches, patch panels, organizers is determined in U units. The more U-units a rack has, the more devices can be installed in the rack.

Width and depth of the cabinet - these dimensions inform us about the area of the cabinet when unfolded. The dimensions of the cupboard are selected according to the dimensions of the network equipment.

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