Getfort 15U 600x450 | Rack cabinet | wall mounted


Getfort 15U 600x450 | Rack cabinet | wall mounted

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What are rack cabinets?

Rack cabinets are dedicated to the installation of devices with 19" standard enclosures. They make it possible to protect devices against unauthorized access, and accidental shutdown. In addition, efficient ventilation extends the life of installed devices.


GetFort cabinets have a wide range of applications. They are very suitable for the installation of CCTV monitoring system, structured cabling installation both in the company and at home. They are also suitable for building passive and active network equipment. All cabinets are made of high quality materials. And allow any possibility of interior arrangement. Getfort cabinets have special ventilation holes in the walls and front doors. They also allow the installation of dedicated fans. All this allows you to maintain optimal working conditions for the installed equipment, and thus extend their working time.

Technical specifications

  • Door: front glazed with ventilation, rear steel removable door, side steel removable door with latches
  • Height: capable of mounting equipment with a total height of 15U
  • Material: Doors made of steel sheet with pasted tempered glass and ventilation holes
  • Assembly: Self-assembly cabinet, delivered in one carton
  • Degree of Protection: IP20
  • For applications: Internal


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Cabinet hight 15U
117,03 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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