Green Cell AGM 12V 75Ah | Battery | Maintenance-free

CODE: AGM25 / EAN: 5903317224051

Green Cell AGM 12V 75Ah | Battery | Maintenance-free

CODE: AGM25 / EAN: 5903317224051
106,72 EUR without VAT (net)
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Output voltage: 12V
Battery capacity: 75 Ah75
Battery life: 5
Battery technology: Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA)
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Green Cell AGM VRLA 12V 75Ah battery

AGM Green Cell 12V battery is a buffer- and cyclical model, made of high quality materials. AGM batteries allow you to work in any position - not only vertical. This is possible thanks to the technology used, in which the electrolyte is absorbed by the glass fibre separator. The product has been designed in a way that allows for multi-core discharging and recharging and working in a wide range of temperatures, while maintaining capacity at a high level.

Green Cell AGM VRLA 12V 75Ah battery

Advantages of AGM Green Cell batteries

Thanks to maintenance-free operation, AGM Green Cell batteries are easy to use. The technology used leads to a number of advantages, extending the possibilities of their use. The positiveó list includes high resistance to shocks, extreme temperatures, vibrations and the possibility of installation in a wide range of battery position settings. The construction prevents leakage of electrolyte so there is no need to ventilate the rooms and build a battery room where the batteries are installed. In combination with smaller external dimensions and weight, while maintaining the same capacity, we can install a larger capacity battery in a place with limited space.

Green Cell AGM VRLA 12V 75Ah battery


The AGM VRLA Green Cellbatteries are widely used thanks to the technology used. The high capacity of the battery allows the use of wózkóin golfing, to move silently and without emission of móc during the games. The AGM Green Cell battery will also power wózkózwalidzki and the high capacity will allow you to work longer. The ró is also ideal as an element of iPV or wind turbines.


Features / filters
Output voltage 12V
Battery capacity 75 Ah, 75,
Battery life 5
Battery technology Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA)
Battery voltage 12
Depth 259
Height 208
Height (with connectors) 22.7
Number of batteries included 1
Product colour Black
Type of battery Battery
Weight 21.3
Width 169

Basic technical parameters
Product code AGM25
Capacity 75Ah
Terminal M8 screw
Internal resistance ≤6.5mΩ (at 25°C)
Self-unloading 2% per month (at 25°C)
Lifespan over 5 years
Guarantee 24 months
Physical parameters
Length (cm) 16,9
Width (cm) 25,9
Height (cm) 20,8
Gross weight (kg) 22,300



Data sheet AGM25 AGM VRLA Green Cell 12V 75Ah battery Download
Operating instructions Download


Which battery to choose for your golf cart?

In the case of golf carts, we're only limited by space. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the driving time.

Can I replace the AGM battery in my car?

No, due to its sensitivity to high temperatures, the battery is not suitable for use inside the motor compartment.

106,72 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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