Huawei GPFD C++ | OLT Board | 16 x Gpon Port C++


Huawei GPFD C++ | OLT Board | 16 x Gpon Port C++

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16-port GPON OLT interface with SFP C-module

GPFD is the GPON interface card of Huawei OLT device. The 16-port GPON OL T interface card interfaces with an optical network terminal (ONT) to provide GPON network access services. Each GPFD card can connect a maximum of 16 x 128 GPON network subscribers.

Purpose of GPON card

The SmartAX MA5680T/MA5683T/MA5608T is an integrated optical GPON/EPON access product launched by Huawei. It features ultra-high switching aggregation. It has ultra-high aggregation switching capacity, 3.2T backplane capacity, 960G switching capacity, 512K MAC address switching capacity and supports up to 44 10 GE or 768 GE access channels. The software versions of these three specifications are fully compatible with the user's card, which saves the types and quantity of spare parts and reduces maintenance costs.

Huawei GPFD C is a GPON card designed for use in the Huawei MA5608T, MA5680T and MA5683T.

Front panel appearance


Service ports
GPON ports 16-GPON Ports
GPON-SFP module specification
Type C-module : single fiber bidirectional optical module, class C
Working wavelength Tx: 1490 nm,
Rx: 1310 nm
Housing type SFP
Port speed Tx: 2.488 Gbit/s,
Rx: 1.244 Gbit/s
Minimum optical output power of module C 6.00 dBm
Maximum optical output power of module C 10.00 dBm
Maximum Sensitivity of Module C Receiver -35.00 dBm
Optical Connector Type SC/UPC
Fiber optic cable type Single-mode
Range 20.00 km
Overload Optical Power Module C -15.0 dBm
Extinction coefficient 8.2 dB
Device specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) 22.86 mm x 237.00 mm x 395.40 mm
Power consumption Static: 45 W,
Maximum: 73 W
Maximum frame size 2004 bytes
Operating temperature -25°C to 65°C



1. what is the difference between a GPFD array and a GPBD array?

The main difference is capacity, GPFD has 16 GPON ports, GPBD has 8 GPON ports.

2. is it possible to do a double split using a GPFD?

Yes, you can, just make sure the optical power is within the range of the receiving side.

3. what is the power consumption of the GPFD board?

Between 45~73W.

1395,26 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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