Huawei OM5052 | SFP Module | GPON C++

CODE: OM5052

Huawei OM5052 | SFP Module | GPON C++

CODE: OM5052
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Huawei OM5052 GPON-OLT-CLASS C++ single-mode SFP module for GPBD Huawei MA5680T MA5683T

Huawei SFP GPON OLT Class C++ is a module designed for use in OLT GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) terminals. It transmits data in 1490nm band and receives in 1310nm band. om5052 Module with parameters, 6 dBm, 10 dBm, -35 dBm, standard SC/UPC connector. Provides higher power and better range than regular C+ inserts. om5052


Main Specifications
Product model Huawei OM5052 GPON C++
TX output power about + 5db
RX sensitivity -32db
Wavelength TX1490/RX1310nm
Voltage 3.3v
Transmission speed 1.25 Gbps
Transmission medium single-mode optical fibre
Connector type SC
DFB transmitter 2.488 Gb/s in 1490 nm continuous mode
ADF receiver 1310 nm in 1.244 Gb/s burst mode
Dispersion tolerance 800 ps/nm (>20 km)
Minimum Output Optical Power 6.00 dBm
Maximum Output Optical Power 10.00 dBm
Maximum Receiver Sensitivity -35.00 dBm


Which SFP/SFP+ module should be used?

Check whether the ports on the device are SFP or SFP+ ports. The latter can operate at 10 Gbps. Next, make your choice of fiber optic cable. Single-mode fiber is typically used for longer distances, while multimode is used for shorter distances.

37,01 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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