Mantar M-70/58/30 WZM | Armored cabinet | depth 300 mm

CODE: M-70/58/30 WZM

Mantar M-70/58/30 WZM | Armored cabinet | depth 300 mm

CODE: M-70/58/30 WZM
91,54 EUR without VAT (net)
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Closing: Safe lock
Colour: Grey
Material: Metal
Sheet thickness: 1,5mm
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Mantar surface-mounted cabinet reinforced M-70/58/30 WZM

Mantar surface-mounted cabinet reinforced M-70/58/30 WZM - this model is used when it is not possible to install the cabinet in a recess hole. The box has a full door and is lockable. The Mantar cabinet made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheet in light grey is easy to install, is corrosion resistant and provides a mechanical shield for telecommunication equipment. It is designed for wall mounting, especially in places exposed to devastation and burglary.

surface-mounted counter cabinet


  • Standard with 2 holes at the top and bottom for cable entry (ø38 blind)
  • Body reinforced with a 2 mm thick sheet metal bracket
  • Special door construction reinforced with 2 mm thick metal angles
  • Material - 1.5 mm thick steel sheet
  • Thick structure, colour RAL7035 - light grey
  • Powder coated
  • Designed for wall mounting in areas particularly vulnerable to devastation and burglary
  • Locking - safe lock with IMP high security certificate according to PN-ENV 1300:2002
  • Reservation of a separate key code for each customer, different codes on request, and in case of losing the key, the code can be changed without changing the locks.
cracker cabinets


  • Safety-key
  • Cable stock organizer
  • PS 19" 1U SC Simplex/Duplex
  • OSB/zinc mounting plate
  • 5U 19" fixed or extendable rack
  • Weld tray


Features / filters
Closing Safe lock
Colour Grey
Material Metal
Sheet thickness 1,5mm

Basic technical parameters
Height 700 mm
Width 580 mm
Depth 300 mm


What is a surface-mounted cabinet?

A surface-mounted cabinet is an important protective element of a home or industrial electrical/telecommunication network.

What is a surface-mounted cupboard for?

These housings collect various devices and components, such as switches, fuses or metering devices, such as energy meters, etc., inside.

Functionality of surface-mounted/flush-mounted cabinets

Surface-mounted cabinets are used in every household as electrical boxes for apartments, for example as surface-mounted fuse boxes. The fuse boxes are fitted with modules for protecting electrical installations and equipment. Surface-mounted or flush-mounted cabinets protect your electrical equipment against breakdowns and damage.

91,54 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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