Mimosa G2 | Access point | 300Mbps, 2,4GHz, PoE, 802.11n

CODE: MIMOSA G2 / EAN: 5902560369007

Mimosa G2 | Access point | 300Mbps, 2,4GHz, PoE, 802.11n

CODE: MIMOSA G2 / EAN: 5902560369007
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Wireless network standards: IEEE 802.11nIEEE 802.11gIEEE 802.11b
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MIMOSA G2 home router

MIMOSA G2 is an extremely elegant and compact home Wi-Fi router with excellent coverage. Designed to be plugged straight into a power outlet for maximum ease of installation and commissioning. The G2 is also a PoE power supply for the MIMOSA C5x and C5c client devices. The Cloud Management service gives the operator even more possibilities to monitor the infrastructure right up to the client device using the network.


Beautifully versatile and elegantly simplified

MIMOSA G2 is a clean and elegant device that fits seamlessly into the decor of any apartment. By integrating Router, Wi-Fi and PoE power supply, you avoid the clutter with cables and the clutter of multiple devices. To simplify or even eliminate the need for configuration, the G2 is pre-configured and the SSID name and unique password for convenience is shown on the device's chassis and the card added to the package.

G2 Cloud managed

Cloud management for quality

Managed from the cloud, MIMOSA G2 allows you to fully monitor the quality of your Wi-Fi services right up to the client device. Any client phone with poor quality of service can be verified, without expensive team visit, quickly, with a few clicks, by checking the signal strength and activity of this particular device at the client's home. This functionality solves the most critical place of provided services, where few operators know what is happening. Now it is even possible to warn the customer's phone and inform about the observed problem.

MIMOSA G2 features

Full functionality

The G2 has all the required functionalities to create a home network, and is enclosed in a small and unobtrusive enclosure - a router with NAT, detailed packet inspection, firewall, port forwarding, and static routing.


Most houses are too big to be covered from one access point. Lack of coverage is quickly and easily solved by adding another MIMOSA G2. With the auto setup feature, the next access point quickly connects to the main G2 and instantly extends the coverage of the entire network.

Intelligent spectrum management

The key to the proper operation of Wi-Fi networks in the 2.4GHz range is intelligent frequency management to have a clean, undisturbed working channel. G2 selects the best channel at start-up, just like many other devices. What other devices don't do is monitor the frequency during continued operation and automatically alarm and change channel if network performance drops due to interference.

Main features of MIMOSA G2

Pre-configured All you have to do is plug straight into a power outlet. The initial configuration parameters are shown on the housing.
Channel management Automatic selection and automatic interference avoidance
Automatic mode Automatic configuration of the range extension - radio as repeater and cable as access point
Management Cloud surveillance; Possibility to disable configuration via LAN; ACS list management; SNMP v1, v2c, v3 Syslog


Features / filters
Wireless network standards IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b,

Max capacity 300 Mbps PHY
Max number of stations 100
Protocol 802.11n
Modes of operation Router + WiFi; Wireless Range Extender (repeater); Wired WiFi Extension (AP mode); PoE Passthrough
MIMO and modulation 2x2:2 MIMO OFDM up to 64-QAM
Bandwidth 20/40MHz
Operating frequency range 2400-2484 MHz depending on country of operation
Max transmitting power 16dBm
Type Internal
Type of emission Omnidirectional
Power supply
Max power consumption 14W
Power supply No indirect connection to a 230V socket
Physical parameters
Dimensions Width: 57 mm
Height: 42 mm
Length: 92 mm
Weight 0.147kg
Case UV-resistant plastic
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
RJ45 ports VAN - 10/100/1000-BASE-T; LAN - 10/100/1000-BASE-T
PoE output 48V PoE on WAN port to power the Mimosa C5 series
Certification FCC Part 15B + 15C; ETSI 300 328; ETSI 301 489 - Part 1, 17; EN 5502 Class B; CI RSS247; ASS/RCM, TUV; RoHS; Wi-Fi Certified
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32,16 EUR without VAT (net)
Any customs costs and VAT are to be borne by the buyer in the country of receipt.
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