RF Elements HG3-CC-A30 | Sector antenna | 5GHz - 6GHz, 20.5dBi, 30°, 2x N-Female


RF Elements HG3-CC-A30 | Sector antenna | 5GHz - 6GHz, 20.5dBi, 30°, 2x N-Female

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Antenna frequency: 5.18-6 GHz
Antenna type: Sector
Energy gain: 10dBi - 20dBi
Application: Outdoor
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Horizontal beamwidth:
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Groundbreaking RF Sector Antennas Elements Horn CC

Horn CC asymmetric antennas, including the HG3-CC-A30 model, provide a unique asymmetric beamformer while maintaining the excellent noise rejection and overall superior performance of a well-designed horn antenna with N-Female connectors. This allows for a new level of network scalability and increased throughput. Horn CC asymmetrical antennas complete the Horn series of excellent symmetrical antennas.

HG3-CC-A30 horn cc

Unique asymmetrical beam

Horn CC asymmetric antennas have a unique beam shape. The cross section of the beam is elliptical: wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane. This is useful for applications where an asymmetrical beam shape provides better coverage.

No side leaves

AsymmetricalHorn CC anten nas have naturally attenuated side lobes due to their optimized design: they concentrate energy in one main beam. The absence of side lobes provides excellent network immunity to interference when using Asymmetrical Horn CCantennas.

Broadband performance

The radiation pattern of Asymmetrical Horn CC antennas is stable over the entire bandwidth.

Balanced horizontal and vertical beam characteristics

Horn CC Asymmetrical Antennas have balanced horizontal and vertical beam patterns. Balanced H+V beams are very difficult to achieve for antennas with asymmetrical beam patterns and this is an area where all competitive products in the market fail. Balanced H+V beams are a critical feature for stable link operation when switching channels.

High gain of asymmetrical Horn CC antennas

AsymmetricalHorn CC antennas have higher gain compared to Symmetrical Horn antennas with the same azimuth beamwidth. Horn CC Asymmetrical Antennas cover a very wide frequency range: 5180-6000 MHz with excellent VSWR performance.

horn cc gain and vswr

Perfect signal coverage

Mainstream patch array sector antennas have a very wide radiation pattern in azimuth and a very narrow one in elevation plane. If the AP is installed on a tall tower, customers near the tower suffer from low AP signal levels. Horn CC asymmetric antennas provide valuable additional degrees of beamwidth at elevation, reducing the null zone while maintaining increased gain for long ranges.

N-type connectors

Horn CC asymmetrical antennas feature N-female connectors, used in a wide range of devices such as the Mimosa A5c, Cambium Networks PMP 450, LigoWave and many others.

horn cc n-female


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 5.18-6 GHz
Antenna type Sector
Energy gain 10dBi - 20dBi
Application Outdoor
Connector type 2x N FEMALE
Front-to-back ratio 35 dB
Horizontal beamwidth 30°
IP Rating IP55
Polarization Double linear

Technical data
Radio connection 2x N Female
Antenna type Horn
Materials Aluminium, steel, plastic
Watertightness class IP55
Mast diameter 36-80 mm (recommended as close as possible to the 80 mm limit)
Operating temperature -35°C to +55°C (-31°F to +131°F)
Wind resistance 160 km/h
Wind load 67 N at 160 km/h
Antenna adjustment range ± 25° elevation, ± 20° azimuth
Frequency range 5180 - 6000 MHz
Profit 20.5 dBi
Beamwidth -3dB Azimuth H 21° / V 21°
Beamwidth -3dB Elevation H 15° / V 15°
Beamwidth -6dB Azimuth H 30° / V 30°
Beamwidth -6dB Elevation H 20° / V 20°
Beam efficiency 95 %
Front-to-Back Ratio 35 dB
VSWR Max 5180-6000 MHz 1.8
Polarity Double linear H + V
Impedance 50 Ohms


How to install the HG3-CC-A30 antenna mounting bracket ?

First, mount the bracket on the pole. The pole mount is reversible: you can mount it on the left or right side of the antenna.

How to install the HG3-CC-A30 antenna?

Simply slide the antenna into the mount and adjust the height and azimuth. Tighten the screws to complete the installation.
Only one tool is needed to complete the entire process.

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296,80 EUR without VAT (net)
Any customs costs and VAT are to be borne by the buyer in the country of receipt.
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