RF Elements NanoBracket | Mounting bracket | dedicated for Ubiq
RF Elements NanoBracket | Mounting bracket | dedicated for Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16

RF Elements NanoBracket | Mounting bracket | dedicated for Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16

CODE: NB-M5-16
4,33 GBP with VAT


RF Elements column clamp for Ubiquiti Networks NBE-M5-16

RF Elements NanoBracket for NBE-M5-16 is a mounting bracket designed for
for the NanoBeam M5-16 from UBNT. NanoBeam M5-16 is a compact and robust handle with a third generation design.

rf elements nanobracket mounting bracket cambium networks ubiquitis nanostation

Precise rotation

Ball hinge allows for smooth and precise adjustment of the device to 70°.
in azimuth, height and rotation.

rf elements nanobracket universal ubiquitis nanostation mounting bracket

What is the RF Elements mounting bracket made of?

The product is lightweight and at the same time very strong, which makes it easy to attach. It is made
made of aluminium casting and high quality resistant to UV and harsh weather conditions plastic.


Features / filters
Handle type Pole holder

Materials Bracket, handle - UV and weather resistant ABS plastic
Flame rate UL 94 HB
Pole mounting diameter 50 - 70 mm
Wall Mounting Yes
Working temperature -30°C to 60°C
Wind resistance 120 km/h
Weight 0,13 kg / 0,28 lbs - single unit including packaging
7 kg / 15.4 pounds - carton (50 pieces)
Dimensions Single unit - retail box: 10 × 8 × 7 cm
50 units - cardboard box: 52 × 37 × 20 cm
Ubiquiti Networks NanoBeam M5-16


Assembly and installation

Datasheet - ENG Download


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