Tinycontrol DC/DC.BAT120 | Converter | DC/DC 120W 12/24/48/56V


Tinycontrol DC/DC.BAT120 | Converter | DC/DC 120W 12/24/48/56V

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DC/DC converter 120W 12/24/48/56V manageable

The Tinycontrol DC/DC converter is a converter that converts 24V input voltage to three voltage levels: 12V, 24V and 48V. This unique feature is very useful when there are several electronic receivers supplied with different voltages in one place. Thus, one device can replace several converters giving different output voltages. In addition, you can connect a 12V battery, which will be used as a backup power source in the event of a 230V mains power failure. Those who use the inverter to supply mains equipment via PoE will be satisfied with the additional function of increasing the supply voltage from 48V to 56V, which compensates for the voltage drop on long cables.

tinycontrol inverter


Another distinguishing feature of the product on the market is its manageability - the user can remotely monitor the currents on the 24V and 48V/56V outputs, how the inverter is powered or battery voltage via LAN or the Internet. It is even possible to disconnect or reset powered devices in case one of them fails. On the front of the inverter there is also a controlled transistor output, which can be used to control an external relay switching on/off devices with higher power consumption. In addition, the digital input allows you to connect an external temperature sensor DS18B20, which allows you to measure temperature at any point in the rack.


Technical parameters

Power 120W
Supply voltage 19V-24V
Input security 6A
Maximum output current 24V - 5A
48V - 2.5A
12V - 1.5A
Max. output current Out T 1A / 24V
Battery voltage 12V
Battery charging current 1A
Battery cut-off voltage 10.5V
Dimensions 45mm x 90mm x 110mm (H x D x L)
Weight 490g
Operating temperature -20 to + 50 °C



Datasheet Download


Does the inverter give 3 voltages at the same time or do I have to choose only one voltage I want?

The converter gives 3 voltages at the same time - just connect the receiving device to the correct output.

Will the battery be charged automatically when the 230V mains supply is restored?

Yes, by restoring the mains supply, the inverter will automatically recharge the battery.

How do you mount the inverter?

The inverters can be mounted to a rail in a rack cabinet or using an optional DIN rail bracket.

130,63 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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