VOLT SINUS PRO UPS 800E 12V 10A | Power supply | 800W

CODE: VOLT SINUS PRO UPS 800E 12V / EAN: 5903111886356

VOLT SINUS PRO UPS 800E 12V 10A | Power supply | 800W

CODE: VOLT SINUS PRO UPS 800E 12V / EAN: 5903111886356
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Battery voltage in UPS: 12V
UPS power (VA): 800
UPS - charging current: 10A
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Emergency power supply Sinus PRO UPS 800E

The VOLT SINUS PRO 800EVOLT SINUS PRO UPS 800E is a line-interactive, offline model, used for uninterrupted power supply of computers, servers and computer sets. In the event of a sudden 230VAC power outage, the device switches to battery mode , allowing for further uninterruptible operation of the system, protecting us from irretrievable data loss. The AVR automatic mains voltage regulator, battery charger and the SINUS clean inverter based on a toroidal transformer are all located in one housing with a colour display.


Device characteristics

  • The functions of DC/AC converter, UPS emergency power supply are included in one device and automatic battery charger
  • The toroidal transformer used in the inverter provides high efficiency and low idling current.
  • The device is much more energy efficient than older constructions using transformers with with E-cores
  • A fast 32-bit microprocessor ensures accurate and trouble-free operation
  • Intuitive and easy to use thanks to the colour LED display, which informs about the current status operation of the device (input and output voltage, battery status, charging, etc.)
  • The converter produces pure sine wave voltage at the output, which makes it possible to work with practically any kind of load
  • High-currentcharge of batteries (exact values in the table with technical specifications)
  • Ability to change the charging current with a button and switch off the charger
  • Speed switchover from mains to UPS mode for uninterrupted operation connected devices
  • Intelligent cooling fan control, depending on the actual device temperature and operating status of the inverter
  • Ac (mains) / SOLAR (battery)
priority switch



Features / filters
Battery voltage in UPS 12V
UPS power (VA) 800
UPS - charging current 10A

Technical data
Rated power (continuous) 500 W
Overload power (momentary) 800 VA
Battery voltage / -ów 12 V
Rectifier (charging current) 10 A
Automatic mains voltage regulator - AVR 140 - 275 VAC
Idle current (no load) 0,3 A ≤ Idle current ≤ 1,5 A
Permissible supply voltage range Switching to battery power is done when the mains voltage is lower than 160 V (+- 5 V) or higher than 260 V (+- 5 V)
Supply voltage frequency 45 Hz ~ 65 Hz
UPS output voltage frequency 50 Hz (+- 0.5 Hz)
Output voltage range AVR mains voltage regulator: 204 - 240 V, UPS - battery: 230 V (+- 3%)
Overload protection (battery power supply) In the event of an overload of 110 % - 130 %, the power supply is disconnected after 30 seconds. If the overload is more than 130 %, the power supply shall be cut off immediately.
Overload protection (mains supply) The device warns of overload until the fuses are tripped.
Permissible humidity 10 % RH ~ 90 % RH
Permissible operating temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
Dimensions 230 mm x 145 mm x 180 mm
Weight 6,5



127,27 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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