XClea Huawei H30 Plus | Vacuum cleaner | docking station with 3L tank

CODE: XCLEA H30 PLUS 0698 / EAN: 6973224460698

XClea Huawei H30 Plus | Vacuum cleaner | docking station with 3L tank

CODE: XCLEA H30 PLUS 0698 / EAN: 6973224460698
327,92 EUR without VAT (net)
Any customs costs and VAT are to be borne by the buyer in the country of receipt.
Battery capacity: 5200 mAh
Communication type: Wi-Fi
Colour: White
Dust container capacity: 300 ml
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XClea H30 - Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner with Tank Docking Station

The XClea H30 robotic vacuum cleaner along with the waste removal station offers a whole new level of convenience so you can forget about cleaning for weeks. The waste removal unit is equipped with a large 3L bag that can hold up to 2,000m² of dirt, dust and hair. The unique bacteriostatic ozone deodorization system avoids the hassle of getting your hands dirty when changing the bag and helps negate unpleasant odors. After filling the tank, the sealed bag is removed from the device, after which it can be directly transferred and replaced with a new bag. The entire process is particularly sealed to avoid secondary dust contamination.


Intelligent full scene planning

The XClea H30 Plus cleaning robot, with the help of HI Dynavi 's intelligent scene planning system and full coverage of multiple LIDAR LDS sensors, will scan your entire home in express mode and draw a map. In addition, you can combine, tag and reprioritize rooms via the mobile app to achieve an even more efficient cleaning route. For multi-level buildings, XClea H30 Plus can save the map for each floor separately and automatically adjust and switch the floor cleaning mode. This eliminates the need to rebuild the map each time, greatly improving the cleaning effect.


A thorough detour and an intrepid climb

With many professional sensors, XClea H30 Plus can accurately identify common obstacles and take the initiative to avoid knocking over valuable items. The robot is also equipped with intelligent height drop calculation, obstacles below 2cm will be easily overcome by XClea H30 Plus. If the height is higher than 2cm, the robot will avoid the obstacle to prevent falling.


Thorough cleaning

XClea H30 Plus has two dynamic variable power side brushes, which can automatically adjust the speed to suit different edge and corner cleaning conditions. With a high suction power of 2700PA, all embedded dust can be easily removed from the floor groove so as to improve the cleaning quality.


Electric water tank

The included mop easily grips the floor and cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains on the floor. The cleaning robot is equipped with a large 250ml smart water tank. With a 3 level water flow control system, the device can easily clean rooms up to 250m2 in one go. The precise electronic control of the water tank allows for an even distribution of water that leaves no trace on the floor after drying.


Mobile application

XClea H30 Plus supports the application Huawei HILINK (download), with which the device provides even better and smarter interactivity. With the Huawei Smart Life app, you can remotely control the cleaning robot, set the sweeping time, check its route or check the battery status information .



Features / filters
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Communication type Wi-Fi
Colour White
Dust container capacity 300 ml
Mopping function Yes
Suction power 2700 Pa
Type of vacuum cleaner Cleaning Robot with a dust container
Variant Docking station with tank
Water tank capacity 250 ml

Technical data:
Cleaning mode Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
Navigation mode LDS SLAM
Maximum suction 2700PA
Recommended area 250m²
Obstacle height <20mm
Battery 5200mAh
Power 50W
Dimension 358*350*175mm
Weight 3.6KG + 4.3KG
Capacity of the dust container 300ml 3L
Water tank capacity 250ml


XCLEA H 30 Plus vacuum cleaner with cleaning station

The best cleaning robot? | XCLEA H30 Plus Test

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327,92 EUR without VAT (net)
Any customs costs and VAT are to be borne by the buyer in the country of receipt.
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