Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pro G10 | Handheld Vacuum Cleaner | MJSCXCQPT

CODE: XIAOMI G10 MJSCXCQPT / EAN: 6934177720949

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pro G10 | Handheld Vacuum Cleaner | MJSCXCQPT

CODE: XIAOMI G10 MJSCXCQPT / EAN: 6934177720949
207,05 EUR without VAT (net)
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AC adapter included: Yes
Battery capacity: 3
Battery voltage: 25.2
Brush shape: Rectangular
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Lightweight, convenient, iaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pro

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pro is a handheld vacuum cleaner with which you will spend much less time cleaning your floors dry and wet. The model is equipped with a powerful cyclonic system, responsible not only for the most efficient cleaning, but also for easy maintenance: just regularly shake out the accumulated dirt from the removable tank.


Appearance and attachments in the package

TheXiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Pro G10 has a plastic body and packaging typical of a cordless vacuum cleaner. The gadget is equipped with a universal floor nozzle, a 2-in-1 brush, a crevice nozzle and an electric mini brush. The universal nozzle is equipped with a function that automatically adjusts the suction power depending on the type of floor. This saves a lot of battery power. It is designed to prevent hair from getting caught in the bristles, so the cleaning quality remains unchanged.


The motorized mini brush is designed for cleaning furniture from dust, pet hair and dander. It can be used to remove dirt from bedding, protecting your health. Use the crevice nozzle nozzle nozzle nozzle nozzle nozzle nozzle nozzle to remove dirt in hard to reach places. The 2-in-1 dusting brush can be used to remove dust from keyboards, chairs, ceiling and many other places. It has a removable 0.6L dust container and a 230ml magnetic water tank. To save space and for easy storage, it comes with a wall mount for your device. At the top of the gadget's housing is a color LCD screen. The display provides a high resolution image. The user can see the power mode, battery level and other information on it.


Operating modes and filtration parameters

The handheld vacuum cleaner has a high-speed brushless motor that reaches a speed of 125000 rpm. The maximum suction power is 150 W. Such parameters allow the device to work with high efficiency and excellent cleaning quality. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Pro G10 offers a special screen lock function, which allows you to activate the option of continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner with a single touch. This avoids various malfunctions caused by accidental touching of the touch screen.


The vacuum cleaner can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Both types of floor cleaning can be used simultaneously. The water flow rate can be adjusted to each floor covering. The flat mop reaches all hard-to-reach areas. The machine supports 3 modes: eco-mode, standard and turbo-mode. The filtration system consists of 5 components. The 12-stage cyclone system separates the smallest dust particles from the air, which reduces the amount of dirty particles reaching the HEPA filter and extends the life of the filter. It has a filtration efficiency of 99.97%. Particles as small as 0.3 microns are captured. The filters can be cleaned with water.


Battery and battery life

The gadget is equipped with a high-capacity battery of 3000 mAh. At the minimum power level, the battery life can reach 65 minutes. You can easily vacuum a large room. In standard mode, the autonomy time is 30 minutes, and in turbo mode - 10 minutes. To increase the autonomy of operation, additional replacement batteries can be purchased separately. With one touch, you can swap one battery for another. Charge two batteries simultaneously.



Features / filters
AC adapter included Yes
Battery capacity 3
Battery voltage 25.2
Brush shape Rectangular
Brush tool Yes
Charging time 4
Cleaning type Dry&wet
Crevice tool Yes
Depth 214
Dirt separating method Cyclonic
Dust capacity 0.6
Dust container type Bagless
Hard floor brush Yes
Height 1286
Manual Yes
Maximum input power 450
Mini motorized brush Yes
Power consumption (standby) 0.1
Power source Battery
Product colour White
Runtime 65
Runtime with motorized brush (high speed) 10
Runtime with motorized brush (medium speed) 30
Suction power 150
Vacuum air filtering HEPA
Vacuum wand assembly Yes
Weight 4
Width 256

Main technical parameters
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Display Features TFT
Clear and accurate display
Indicators for modes, battery status and helpful real-time reminders.
Battery 3000mAh
Battery Features 25,2 V
Operating time up to 65 minutes
Interchangeable battery with snap-on fitting
Charging time 3.5 hours
Modes of operation Max (10minutes)
Standard (30minutes)
Eco (65minutes)
Features Intelligent power selection
Automatically adjusts power on different types of surfaces;
Magnetic mop accessory for thorough house cleaning
600ml dust container capacity
Dimensions 1286 mm × 214 mm × 256 mm
Weight 4kg (total weight)
Maximum power 450W (150AW)
Engine Features Effective cleaning
The latest motor spins at 125,000 rpm;
Maximum suction power of 150AW, 25% more than the previous generation.
Filter 5-stage filtration
99.97% filtration efficiency
12 Cyclone filtration system
Removable bin and washable HEPA elements
Noise level ≤ 79 dB
Set 1x Mi Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Pro G10
1x Extension tube
1x Powered brush for floors
1x Powered brush for sofas
1x Dusting nozzle
1x Crevice nozzle
1x Charging station
1x Power adapter
1x Magnetic water holder
1x Mop cloth
1x Instruction Manual


What settings can I see on the vacuum cleaner screen?

A high-resolution touchscreen displays battery status, selected power mode and other important device parameters at a glance.

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207,05 EUR without VAT (net)
Any customs costs and VAT are to be borne by the buyer in the country of receipt.
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