Yunmai Smart Rope | Skipping rope | YMSR-P701

CODE: YUNMAI SMART ROPE YMSR-P701 / EAN: 6926586300645

Yunmai Smart Rope | Skipping rope | YMSR-P701

CODE: YUNMAI SMART ROPE YMSR-P701 / EAN: 6926586300645
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Xiaomi Yunmai Smart Rope

Xiaomi Yunmai Smart Rope is a smart jump rope with high autonomy and synchronization with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can use it to improve coordination of movements, increase endurance and increase muscle mass.


Accurate data collection

The Yunmai rope is equipped with a special sensor that records the number of jumps. It is characterized by high sensitivity, so the accuracy of its calculations is unquestionable. The information obtained by the device is sent to your mobile phone using Bluetooth 4.0. In the brand's application, you will also find data on workout time, the number of calories burned and other indicators.


It will help you achieve your goals

The mobile app can act as a prime motivator because you can set desired goals. When you reach your goal, the rope handle will vibrate to let you know that you are making progress. With the app, you can organize entire competitions with your friends and loved ones, making your workouts not only healthy but also fun.


Exercise in comfort

The designers paid special attention to the rope handle, making it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. It is light so as not to burden your wrists and has an anti-slip coating. The rope will not fall out of your hands even during the most intensive training.


The cord does not stretch or break

The rope is equipped with a strong and flexible cord, which is resistant to abrasion and stretching. The internal design implies the use of a metal rod, which prevents possible bending of the rope. This way, the creators managed to create a comfortable and reliable training tool for gym exercises and sports fields.


Length adjustment

It only takes a few seconds to adjust the rope length to your own dimensions. The adjustment system is simple and easy to use, so you don't need any extra equipment to do it.


Rotates 360 degrees

The rope is designed with an innovative bearing that allows it to rotate a full 360 degrees. The bearing can withstand all types of intense loads while operating without excessive noise.


150 days of battery life

Xiaomi Yunmai Smart Rope has a high-capacity battery inside, which has enough capacity for 150 days of battery life. A USB 2.0 type cable is used to charge the battery, with a full charging cycle taking 120 minutes.



Main features
Brand Xiaomi
Manufacturer Yunmai
Model Smart Rope
Manufacturer code YMSR-P701
Weight 139 g
Colour Black
Dimensions 161.7 mm x 25.6 mm x 25.6 mm
Lifetime Over 10 million jumps
Material PU leather
Connection type Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Interaction with the mobile application Yunmai
Battery and power supply
Charging time 2 hours
Battery life Up to 150 days
Charging socket type Micro USB
Included cable Yes (without adapter)
Features Counting jumps


How long is the jump rope?

Xiaomi Yunmai Smart Rope 300 cm long

20,67 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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