ZTE C300 | OLT | 2x PRWH, 2x SCXM, 1x HUTQ, 2x CABLE, 1x GTGO


ZTE C300 | OLT | 2x PRWH, 2x SCXM, 1x HUTQ, 2x CABLE, 1x GTGO

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About product

ZTE C300 - OLT GPON platform

ZTE C300 as a OLT system offers plenty of space for expansion cards to build a high-speed network based on fiber optic cables and GPON/EPON technology. It provides high performance that will work in triple-play applications: VoIP, IPTV and CATV.

zte c300 olt gpon

A project with a view to the future

The ZTE C300 platform has been created in a way that allows for future network expansion. 21 slots, which give the possibility to install expansion cards will provide huge possibilities in building a network.

zte c300 olt gpon

Platform extension cards

Prezentowana platforma C300 posiada zainstalowane następujące karty rozszerzeń:

  • Kontrolne / Przełączniki: 2 x Karta SCXN (wsparcie dla 16 kart GPON, 4 x Interfejs Uplink GE, 2 x Interfejs zarządzania)

  • GPON: 1 x Karta GTGO (8 x Port GPON, współczynnik podziału 1:256)

  • Uplink: 1 x Karta HUTQ (2 x 10GE, 2 x GE)

  • Pozostałe karty: 2 x Karta zasilania PRWH

zte c300 olt gpon

Robust protection

The ZTE C300 platform has redundant protections to minimize the risk of damage and disruption to the network supply. Thanks to the double power board it is possible to replace the worn module during operation. The B/C protection types for PON link and RSTP/UAPS/ERPS/LACP for return link are supported.

zte c300 olt gpon

Environmental performance

The C300 platform has been awarded European CoC and RoHS certificates and ensures low electricity consumption, and through the possibility of its further expansion will be able to remain in use longer, which will reduce costs and contribute to saving resources.

zte c300 olt gpon

Highest quality of service

C300 allows to offer users high transmission speed, access to many services and QoS support for stable operation and support for HSI, VoIP, TDM, IPTV and mobile backhaul applications.


Basic features
Mounting plate capacities 5.76 Tb/s
Switching capacity 800 Gb/s
Number of places for service cards 14 (GPON / P2P / XG-PON1)
Number of spaces for control cards 2
Number of power card slots 2
Number of Uplink card slots 2 (10GE / GE / FE / E1 / T1)
Maximum number of GPON subscribers 16 384
Management interfaces CLI, SSH, SNMP, telnet
Dimensions 10U (443.7 x 482.6 x 270 mm)
Power supply 48 V (DC)
Working conditions Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
Humidity: 5% to 95%
ITU GPON features G.984.x
Division coefficient 1:256
Reach 20-60 km
Maximum damping SFP B+ 28 dB
SFP C+ 32 dB
Dynamic capacity allocation NSR-DBA
Support FEC
Features L2/L3
Routing Static IPv4 and IPv6
Multicast IGMP Snooping/Proxy/SPR and MLD Snooping/Proxy
256 multicast VLAN
QoS 8 queues per port
DSPC determination
Security L2-L4 ACL
IP and MAC Source Guard
DOS protection
Protection against false MAC/IP
Additional parameters VLAN, SVLAN, QinQ, VLAN Stacking, STP/RSTP/MSTP, DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP proxy, dual IPv4/IPv6 stack
Expansion card specifications
Controls / Switches 2 x SCXN card (support for 16 GPON cards, 4 x GE Uplink interface, 2 x Management interface)
GPON 1 x GTGO card (8 x GPON port, split ratio 1:256)
Uplink 1 x HUTQ card (4 x SFP (2 x 10GE, 2 x GE))
Other cards 2 x PRWH power card



ZTE platform brochure C300 (Note: This is a general configuration, not an actual product) Download
Technical information of the ZTE C300 platform (Note: This concerns the general configuration, not the current product) Download


How do you know more about the expansion cards that are in the platform?

Extension cards from the C300 platform can be searched on the shop's website or in the general manufacturer's brochure, where they are described in more detail.

1782,42 GBP without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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