ZTE GTGO C+ | GPON Card | 8x SFP, C+, dedicated for OLT ZTE C300


ZTE GTGO C+ | GPON Card | 8x SFP, C+, dedicated for OLT ZTE C300

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ZTE GTGO - 8-port GPON expansion module for C300 platform

GPON GTGO class C+ subscriber's card has 8 GPON connectors with the division coefficient of 1:128.

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Facilitated network planning

The GPON OLT ZTE GTGO C+ extension card together with ONU will allow you to build a high availability network. Supported maximum distance between two ONUs is 20 km, which will improve network building.

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Streamlined management

The intelligent management channel will facilitate control of ZTE GTGO C+. Real-time detection and isolation of unwanted ONUs, variable OMCI length, faulty connection detection and fast fault finding will ensure stable operation and network development without interruption.

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Energy saving

The ZTE GTGO C+ expansion card has features to save energy and reduce energy consumption. It allows you to manually switch off inactive PONs to prevent energy being wasted.


Connections 8 x GPON port
Division coefficient 1:128
Functions of GPON Support for ONU energy saving management (G.987.3)
1024 x T-CONT per PON
4096 x GEM port per PON
High performance TM H-QOS support
1024 queues and 256 schedules per PON port
Support for the photosensitive RED and WRED rejection algorithm
Clock/Time function Receiving 1PPS+TOD signals and sending them to ONU via PON channel
Protective functions Temperature measurement and overheating alarm
Automatic switch-off in case of overheating
Additional parameters Maximum distance between terminals: 20 km
Maximum number of services supported by the card: 16 368
Maximum number of MAC addresses supported by the card: 32 768
Available capacity (on a single port): 1 238 784 kb/s
Support for the FEC Retriever/Dispatcher
Detection of unwanted ONT
Number of ONUs supported by one GPON port: 128
Number of GEM ports supported by the card: 16 384
Number of service ports supported by each GEM port: 8 184
Power reserve on each GPON port: 32 dB (class C+, for long-range transmission)
Minimum transfer supported by T-CONT:
-Lowest delay: 1 Mb/s
-Highest throughput: 128 kb/s
Jumbo frames: 9 216
Level 4 QoS
Low energy consumption Low energy GPON MAC chip
Reduction of power consumption on average by 30% in industrial use
Modules included 8 x SFP class C+
Dimensions 490 x 325 x 75 mm


How many expansion card slots does the ZTE GTGO C+ have for the ZTE C300 platform?

The ZTE C300 platform can be equipped with 14 ZTE GTGO C+ cards.

348,81 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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