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HALNy HL-GSFP | SFP Module | 2.5 Gb/s downstream, 1.25 Gb/s upstream
Product code: HALNY HL-GSFP
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The SFP HALNy modules are compact components that comply with optical networking standards. The SFP module from HALNy Networks can be equipped with a built-in GPON ONT chip, making its application options even wider. The SFP GPON HALNy Networks SFP module works with many commercially available GPON OLTs, offering high hardware compatibility. It has a SC/APC connector and can be used in a router or switch with a suitable slot. SFP GPON stick is a proposal of a Polish company specializing in efficient solutions for FTTx fiber optic networks, ensuring high onteroperability. SFP modules are one of the most popular propositions next to HALNY GPON OLT devices. The company also offers routers and switches. All the proposals combine new technologies and current standards to ensure full cooperation with many equipment of other reputable companies.

Small SFP GPON stick module, many possibilities

Whether you have HALNy HL1G GPON devices, various OLT and ONT, Mikrotik SFP GPON ONU or other SFP modules from proven suppliers, the SFP module can be used. This small SFP GPON stick has a number of possibilities. According to supported standards and physical capabilities, the network interface provides 2.5 Gbs downstream and 1.25 Gbs upstream. This is due to compatibility with the latest versions of GPON standards ITU-T G.984.x and G.988, OMCI G.984.4. Transmission is protected by strong AES encryption, and in addition the SFP GPON module has support for FEC, or Forrward Error Correction in both directions. It can support dynamic bandwidth allocation and Multicast GEM. Numerous second and third layer protocols are supported for optimal performance:

  • 802.1D Bridge,
  • VLAN 802.1Q with 802.1p CoS,
  • IGMP Snooping v/1v2/v3,
  • VLAN and QinQ translation,
  • Jumbo Frame 2K on GPON WAN port,
  • QoS with rate-limit,

All features are supported by default. In addition, HALNy GPON HL-GSFPis easily managed and administered using OMCI SNMP using remote Syslog. Importantly, the device has an extremely wide operating temperature range, from -40 to even 85℃, so it can be used in environments with special conditions and constraints.

Wide hardware compatibility and GPON interoperability

The powerful and compact GPON ONT built into the SFP module as intended by the company provides extensive compatibility confirmed by numerous tests. It is used both in second and third layer switches, routers and CPE or any device equipped with SFP port. This option allows to connect GPON OLT devices with, for example, WiMAX base stations, CCTV cameras or IP DSLAM. With a bandwidth of up to 2.5 Gbs downstream and 1.25 Gbs upstream , it creates wide possibilities of fast, stable data transfer. According to the GPON INTEROPERABILITY tests, the module cooperates with, for example, the GPON INTEROPERABILITY:

  • Nokia Alcatel-Lucent ISAM FX-4,
  • Huawei series MA56xx, MA5800,
  • ZTE C320, C220
  • Fiberhome AN5116-06B,
  • Zyxel OLT1408, IES 4204
  • Cisco / Altice ME4601,
  • Ubiquoss U9016B
  • Ericsson EDA1500,
  • Raisecom ISCOM6800,

HALNY Networks It focuses on solutions that fit to the needs of Internet service providers in order to efficiently and cost-effectively expand the possibilities of existing infrastructure or expand it.

FTTx, WiFi, GSM/LTE and LAN networks and new technologies in Batna24

A number of products from HALNy Networks are proven network devices and accessories with refined functionality. However, our offer includes many more possibilities. We strive to ensure that the range of network devices, accessories and other equipment is consistent with the latest standards, allowing us to provide new technologies for home and business. In orderly categories you will find equipment of renowned brands, specialists in various types of networks, monitoring, servers or power supply. These are also proposals of accessories for building smart home solutions and other modern equipment for the home.

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