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Fiber optic mounting accessories

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Mantar 60/60 C | Four arms frame | with plate for fiber optic box
Product code: MANTAR STELAŻ 60/60 C
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Mantar extraction and mounting brackets are an accessory to installations, racks and other housings of this brand. Robust cable clamps and a cable stock rack, as well as an order panel often used by power strips are conducive to ordering of various types of cables. Fiber optic accessories used for wall mounting will help to create efficient and secure network infrastructure, also of other types. Mantar, which specializes in making various types of robust IT cabinets, offers the necessary elements of equipment or assembly, thanks to which the range of products is rich and exhaustive for the realization of all customers' needs. Solutions dedicated to specific applications facilitate the selection. Check the possibilities available in our shop and order the necessary holders even today.

Design a comprehensive installation - Mantar mounting and extraction brackets

Properly madefiber optic installations require numerous proven solutions. These include IT cabinets, couplers and enclosures that protect infrastructure elements from physical hazards, but also small elements such as brackets or lashings. Mechanical damage, burglary, corrosion or excessive moisture, dirt and dust do not promote the operation of network devices and the durability of optical fibers and other cables. Thanks to well-chosen cabinets, handles and accessories, external factors do not have easy access to the protected interior. That is why it is so important to take into account all aspects of the installation when designing it and making it. Cabinets designed to be mounted in different places, for example, a wall-mounted cabinet made of steel sheet can also serve as a space for storing cable stock, power strips and the like. An example is a PSN indoor cabinet, which can be surface-mounted using mounting accessories for cabinets. Among them there will also be a special holder for a pole or elements necessary for wall mounting.

Check other Mantar accessories and do not let yourself be surprised while working

The proven Mantar mounting and extraction brackets designed to mount and secure, above all, cables of different diameters can be useful in many situations. They stabilize the routed cables and facilitate their installation in difficult places. Similarly to multifunctional accessories for cabinets, including fibre-optic accessories, the brackets will also be a good element of equipment for installers. Hanging or untidy cables do not allow easy access to the necessary elements of the installation, so their proper fixing is irreplaceable. Similarly, a selected wall-mounted cabinet made of reinforced sheet metal may not include a bracket for mounting a cable stock, which can also be purchased separately in this category. The use of individual brackets and accessories is not limited to fiber optic cables only, it can be universal as long as the cable parameters correspond to the performance of the bracket or the extraction.

Complete range of network equipment and new technologies in one place - Batna24

Small accessories for wires and installation are only a supplement to our comprehensive offer from proven companies. As the largest distributor of Ubiquiti Networks and Mikrotik brands on the European market, we have extensive experience, which we are happy to share, helping to select the best solutions. Regardless of whether you create various types ofwireless networks, GSM/LTE, wired LAN, fiber optic or other installations, in our shop you will find all necessary elements. Batna24 shop is a professional network devices, as well as home solutions for innovative new technologies. Security systems, monitoring, power supply, and even accessories to create a smart home you can buy at an attractive price. If you are a business customer, we also invite you to our partnership program, in which cooperation will be even more beneficial.

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