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OnePlus 5T | Smartphone | 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, Midnight Black
Product code: ONEPLUS 5T 6/64GB BLACK
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OnePlus 6 | Smartphone | 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, Mirror Black
Product code: ONEPLUS 6 MIRROR BLACK 6GB+64G
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OnePlus phones, tablets and accessories are modern electronics that are popular because of their refined details and attractive price/performance ratio. OnePlus smartphones use the latest developments in the market, offering fast and efficient RAM, optimal battery capacity, fingerprint reader and other biometric identification methods or a customized operating system. Both the latest models available on the market, such as the OnePlus 7T PRO, as well as past offers such as the OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6T, have excellent user feedback. In addition, the manufacturer has released sets of accessories, cases, shields, power supply components, audio and brand related gadgets. OnePlus was established in 2013 in the Shenzhen Economic Zone of China and the first smartphone was on sale in 2014. The company has already introduced many models of the OnePlus line of phones which are popular and appreciated by users.

Modern demands on phones - OnePlus smartphone

From year to year, the trends in the smartphones that are being put on sale are slightly changing, but the focus is constantly on improving the performance and capabilities of the devices. The latest OnePlus smartphones feature:

  • High-performance multi-core processor, in 7T PRO Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 ,
  • Optimal speed and capacity, such as 8GB of RAM in the OnePlus 7T PRO,
  • built-in memory for the system and all necessary applications and multimedia - for 7T PRO 8/256GB
  • Dual SIM running in standby mode, memory card reader,
  • Fingerprint reader supporting biometric phone security,
  • display - large screen diagonal, excellent resolution and the latest production technologies, such as AMOLED fluid,
  • Battery capacity adapted to the screen and components,
  • The latest Android operating system optimally adapted to the device - OxygenOS,
  • Safe and design-oriented chassis, screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, durable motherboards,
  • advanced cameras based on excellent SONY sensors, camera resolution is up to 6000 x 8000 px - 48 MPix
  • Fast data transmission even in 5G standard.

The phone is now a center for multimedia entertainment, and the OnePlus models are perfect for this role.

GSM accessories and a line of PRO smartphones, a comprehensive offer for demanding users

The new OnePlus dual SIM smartphone should be complemented by dedicated GSM accessories that can expand its capabilities or enhance protection against external factors. The OnePlus 7T PRO 8256gb or other model can be equipped with a dedicated case, case, glass, headphones or wires and chargers. OnePlus mobile phones are valued for their excellent displays and operating system. Their simple functional design also works flawlessly. Colours of devices such as:

  • mirror gray,
  • nebula blue,
  • interstellar glow,
  • midnight black,

can impress new users. The 5T, 6T or 7T PRO versions are enhanced basic models that have almost all the parameters optimized for use. The manufacturer creates premium class solutions at maximum affordable prices. Thanks to that, in comparison to the flagship models of other companies, smartphones with similar parameters have a lower price. As the brand develops, OnePlus tablets can also be introduced.

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OnePlus 7T smartphones and other models and accessories can complement electronic equipment and new technologies in your home and business. They make smart home and business automation solutions available at your fingertips. Our shop offers a comprehensive range of products related to new technologies, efficient wired and wireless networks, as well as excellent quality monitoring. We invite you to take advantage of our partnership program and reliable technical support. Place your order today!

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