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Tenda AG680 | Router LTE | 300 MBPS | SIM CARD SLOT
Product code: 4G680
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LTE routers Tenda

LTE Tenda routers are sophisticated network devices that provide effective connectivity to the 4G LTE network thanks to a built-in modem. Depending on the configuration, they can be both access points with WiFi module or Ethernet switches. Equipped with a SIM card slot, routers provide network access for multiple devices in a place where there is coverage of a selected mobile network in the supported data transmission technology. Tenda 4G680 ro uter and other 3g4g routers of this brand provide excellent quality, rich functionality and reasonable price. The manufacturer, present on the network equipment market for over twenty years, makes sure that each access point, modem or router Tenda and other network devices provide maximum capabilities and intuitive operation at attractive prices. Check the possibilities offered by such solutions as Tenda 4g680 router and get familiar with other proposals of the company. Bet on proven quality confirmed by years of experience.

Functional 4G LTE routers from Tenda

4G LTE routers like Tenda AG680 provide a number of solutions that go beyond the classic router. It is an advanced, yet extremely compact device combining the capabilities of a router, access points with a good quality WiFi network of up to 300mbps supporting the IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n standards, LTE modem and a specified number of LAN ports - in the case of Tenda 4G680 a single Gigabit port. LTE 4g Cat.4 network devices, i.e. up to 150Mbps Download, up to 50Mbps Upload support a SIM card of a certain standard. However, the refined Tenda router has pre-configured parameters for more than 180 mobile networks so that setting up a connection to provide data transmission requires nothing more than placing the card in the device and plugging it in. Therefore, Tenda 4g680 router is a simple and intuitive device for everyone. It does not support additional memory card or USB connector, so as not to complicate its operation. The minimal number of LAN ports, however of high standard, is optimal for modern requirements.

Mobile solutions for home and business

Simple LTE equipment from Tenda with implemented numerous standards, including network security, can be used both at home and in smaller companies. Access control ensures security of the network and devices in it. It can serve as a backup connection in a situation when the broadband connection is no longer available. Tenda AG680 works also as a basic router in places where there is no possibility of installing better broadband connection, but the range and parameters of LTE network allow to obtain good quality of transmission. Thanks to intuitive configuration and operation, good quality built-in antennas, the range of Tenda LTE router allows for communication of many devices in the created wireless and wired LAN equipped with network cards. These can be not only computers or smartphones, but also, for example:
  • Monitoring systems, IP cameras,
  • external network drives,
  • network printers,
  • Control panels for alarm systems,
  • automation elements, smart house,
Tenda's compact devices do not have complicated interfaces. LEDs indicating readiness for work and signal level help to find optimal place for the device. Simple installation on a wall or shelf ensures stable position.

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