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Zyxel SFP-1000T | SFP Module | RJ45, Multimode, 1,25Gb/s
Product code: BATZYXSFP-1000T
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The SFP ZyXEL Modules are excellent quality fiber optic transmitter-receiver inserts. Compliance with selected standards allows to use them in various devices. The possibility of direct connection during operation ensures that their use does not interfere with the smooth operation of the network. Fast direct attached cable, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit versions of the modules make the ZyXEL SFP inserts are selected in many professional network implementations. The extensive range of network equipment and sophisticated ZyXEL accessories is one of the categories of our store. It is worth betting on the refined professional equipment of the Taiwanese company ZyXEL, whose experience dates back to 1989. Constantly improved, modern solutions and advanced production standards allow us to provide network equipment of the highest quality available on the world markets.

SFP module - construction supporting the utility aspect

Today's fibre-optic networks are used by demanding customers. Reliability is one of the necessary features, therefore possible downtime in case of failure must be minimized in every possible way. ZyXEL SFPsxd inserts are an opportunity to reduce the consequences of failures. The insert means that only a small part of the network device needs to be replaced in case of a failure. Replacement can be done during operation, making maintenance and repair of the optical fibre network quick and easy. It provides an instant way to repair the transmitter or receiver. The SFP ZyXEL construction is independent. It is fully flexible and upgradeable. Mini GBIC, ZyXEL SFPlx10d or ZyXEL SFPsxd inserts are conforming to industrial production standards. This guarantees compatibility not only with ZyXEL's fiber optic switches, but also with other popular manufacturers, without restrictions imposed by proprietary technologies.

Optimisation of optical fibre networks - bidirectional fibre module

Modern networking devices building fiber optic infrastructure can operate using bidirectional SFP modules. This makes optimal use of the transmission capacity. Thanks to two different wavelengths, bi-directional transmitters can use a single fiber optic fibre. This is a more economical and thus more efficient solution. It allows you to quickly expand the possibilities without having to make changes to the infrastructure. ZyXEL's SFP module is made using the most popular technologies:

  • Direct Attached Cable 1M / 3M,
  • Fast,
  • Gigabit,
  • 10 Gigabit,

This makes expanding the network, connecting new devices with free slots extremely easy. All you need to do is select the SFP module, for example ZyXEL SFPlx10d and a new connected client device.

Possibilities provided by SFP modules

The ZyXEL SFP modules implement modern fibre-optic network technologies. They make network management and maintenance even more convenient. These include a digital diagnostic interface, DDMI. Compact SFP inserts communicate in real time, providing a range of useful information. Active devices provide information on operating temperature, power supply status, transmitted polarity current and transmitter and receiver power. Any irregularities can be detected very quickly with warning and alarm functions. This makes reliable ZyXEL SFP ZyXEL inserts have additional protection.

Network modules in the form of SFP mini GBIC or others are the perfect solution for still expensive devices supporting fiber optic networks. They minimize repair costs, making it easy to do. Fiber optic switches become professional equipment with easy physical operation. In our shop you will find a complete offer of devices and accessories necessary to create fiber optic networks. Professional networking equipment and new technologies at batna24.com come only from proven manufacturers. They include home accessories, monitoring, professional servers and various types of networks. We offer professional technical support and the possibility of cooperation within the partnership program. We invite you to shop!

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