Mantar SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61 | Cabinet | for mounting on the dr
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Mantar SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61 | Cabinet | for mounting on the drain SK-1

Mantar SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61 | Cabinet | for mounting on the drain SK-1

CODE: SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61
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Mantar cabinet SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61

Mantar SZK-12U 19'' 86/61/61 is adapted for installation on the SK-1 channel sump. It is a mechanical shield for telecommunication equipment. Made of metal sheet with Magnelis® coating 1.5 mm thick, light grey colour.

refrigerated rack


  • 3-point locking with padlock bolt, swivel handle, lock cylinder insert
  • 2 pairs of 19" racks - adjustable distance between the front and rear pairs from 260 mm to 430 mm
  • Made of 1.5 mm thick Magnelis®-coated sheet metal
  • Degree of protection IP53, mechanical resistance IK10
  • Colour: RAL7035 - light grey, powder-coated, thick structure
  • Plinth made of 2 mm thick sheet metal with Magnelis coating, height 150 mm, ventilation holes made
racket 19

Additional equipment:

  • PS 19" 1U SC Simplex / Duplex extension
  • PS 19" 2U SC Duplex extension
  • Shelf 19" 2U
  • 3U voltage distribution panel
  • Floor plate with cable holes
  • Heating kit with thermostat
  • Cabinet ventilation kit with thermostat
stand-up rack


Basic technical parameters
Height 864 mm
Width 610 mm
Depth 610 mm
Weight 60 kg


A racket what?

A rack cabinet is the common name for a 19" wide rack, stand and industrial equipment standard. (48.26 cm). It is designed for wall mounting in offices, network server rooms and control rooms of CCTV installations. It facilitates aesthetic location of network devices without tangle of cables.

What is the difference between a server cupboard and a telecommunication cupboard?

A server cupboard usually has to be deeper than a telecommunication cupboard, provide airflow in a horizontal direction and have a much higher load capacity than a telecommunication cupboard.

A rack cabinet. How do you choose it?

The choice of a suitable crayfish cabinet depends on our requirements. There are standing and hanging cabinets: single-section and two-section. You can also take into account the mounting width expressed in inches, the height of the modules expressed in U units, width, depth and mounting depth.

What's the Rack Closet for?

This cabinet is used to conveniently store all kinds of ICT and telecommunications equipment in one place.

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