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Nowadays, fiber optic solutions are becoming more and more common when it comes to building wide area Internet networks, which are available not only for large companies but also for our homes and households. The Extralink brand meets the expectations of network service providers by providing high quality multifunctional devices, fiber optic accessories and products tailored to the various customer needs. According to their beliefs, they put the customer first and want everyone to have the opportunity and enjoyment of fast and seamless broadband internet access. Extralink is a brand offering a wide range of network devices and accessories, and their offer is aimed not only at larger network service providers, but also at home network equipment users. Now creating new networks or developing existing ones based on fiber optic communication can become extremely easy. Extralink offers professional and comprehensive solutions for fiber optic networks, from advanced OLT terminal equipment and fiber optic welders, through ONU client equipment, fiber optic cables, SFP modules, poles, fiber optic welders, to PON network accessories such as: fiber optic patchcords, fiber optic pigtails, anchor clamps, fiber adapters, fiber optic splitters and patch panels.

    The most popular Extralink equipment includes, among others:
  • Extralink Predator, the latest EPON OLT device designed for fiber optic access networks. The equipment is characterized by small dimensions and easy and convenient implementation. The equipment can be easily installed in a rack. Extralink Predator is a powerful and reliable EPON OLT device equipped with 8 EPON SFP ports, 8 LAN Gigabit Ethernet (Extralink 1GE) ports and 8 SFP ports.
  • Extralink Kronos PoE Switch - new, increasingly popular equipment in the PoE Switch category. 8 PoE ports unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch PoE (PoE Gigabit). The device has 2 Uplink ports. The equipment is ideal for monitoring IP cameras, thanks to which our smart home will be under constant surveillance. The PoE power supply and Extralink PoE adapter is also a valued product on the network market, characterized by high durability and reliability in operation.

Extralink products are undoubtedly one of the best on the market, the manufacturer is increasingly appreciated worldwide, and products such as fiber optic connectors, media converters, SFP modules, etc. are inherent in many large companies. Thanks to Extralink you can freely build your LAN and WiFi networks without fear of failure. In our shop Batna24.com you will find a wide range of products for building LAN and WiFi networks including WiFi routers, fiber patchcords, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic cables and many others. We also have computer components in the form of network cards. Batna24.com is an official distributor of such brands as Extralink, Ubiquiti Networks and MikroTik. We invite you to shop.

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