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Dreame Bot L10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black | Vacuum cleaner | Cleaning robot, 5200mAh
Product code: DREAME BOT L10 PRO BLACK
421,30 GBP with VAT 0%
Dreame P10 | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 20 kPa, 350 W
Product code: DREAME P10 VPD1
Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Vacuum Cleaner | 400mAh
Product code: DREAME BOT W10 RLS5C
Product code: DREAME BOT W10 RLS5C
Dreame H11 | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 5500 Pa, 170 W
Product code: DREAME H11 VWV7
Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Vacuum cleaner | Cleaning robot, RLS5D
Product code: DREAME BOT Z10 PRO RLS5D
Dreame V10 | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 100 000 rpm 140AW, 450W
Product code: DREAME V10 - VVN3
Dreame H11 Max | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 10 kPA, 200 W
Product code: DREAME H11 MAX VWV8
Dreame V11 | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 125 000 rpm 150AW, 450W
Product code: DREAME V11 - VVN6
Dreame T20 | Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner | 25 kPA, 2700 mAh, 450 W
Product code: DREAME T20 VTE1
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DREAME cleaning machines

Effortless cleanliness at home? DREAME cleaning appliances can help you. You will find plenty of products that will do all the work for you! Using them is fun and relaxing! You will find intelligent cordless handheld and robot vacuum cleaners that will meet the needs of anyone who likes cleanliness. What makes them different? They have a modern design, they are created for comfort and convenience. They clean thoroughly and reach even small crevices. There are plenty of robotic vacuums to choose from in our store. These are smart, round vacuum cleaners that you can get in white or black. They will fit perfectly into any interior, regardless of its design. Explore their functionalities!

DREAME manufacturer's equipment

cleaning could be as small as possible. That's why you can choose from different models of vacuum cleaners in our store. One of the most appreciated by our customers is Dreame Bot L10 Pro. It cleans not only dry, but also moro! This equipment from the manufacturer Dreame can be controlled with a smartphone and connects to wifi, charges quickly and is very quiet. It is a professional helper in your home that will clean whenever you want it to. For those who prefer to clean on their own, we suggest the Xiaomi Dreame V11 handheld vacuum cleaner that works wirelessly. You don't have to tangle with the cable to quickly clean the floor. Along with it, you'll get plenty of attachments to clean a variety of surfaces and textures - curtains, ceilings, the space behind the bed, and more! It's powerful and can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. It comes with a great filter that gets rid of dust mites, dust and other particles. It weighs very little and can be conveniently unfolded and stored in many places - it doesn't take up much space. Visit our store and see for yourself the DREAME range! Order it in our online store today!

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