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Fanvil PA2S | SIP Paging gateway | 1x RJ45 100Mb/s PoE, audio input/output
Product code: PA2S
104,42 GBP with VAT 0%
Fanvil H5 White | VoIP Phone | HD Audio, RJ45 100Mb/s PoE, LCD screen, desktop
Product code: H5 WHITE
53,76 GBP with VAT 0%
Fanvil V62 | VoIP phone | Linux, HD Audio, RJ45 1000Mb / s PoE, display
Product code: V62
81,87 GBP with VAT 0%
Fanvil i10SD | Intercom | IP54, PoE, HD Audio, build-in speaker, 2 bottons
Product code: I10SD
49,86 GBP with VAT 0%
Fanvil CS30 | Speakerphone | USB, Bluetooth
Product code: CS30
Product code: CS30
  • Automatic gain control : Yes
  • Battery capacity : 2000
  • Battery life (max) : 8
  • Battery recharge time : 2
49,86 GBP with VAT 0%
Fanvil X3S V2 | VoIP Phone | IPV6, HD Audio, RJ45 100Mb/s, LCD screen
Product code: X3S V2
Fanvil Linkvil W611W | VoIP Phone | Wi-Fi 6, IP67
Product code: W611W
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Fanvil - the producer of VoIP phones and IP devices

Fanvil - producer of affordable entry-level IP phones has also models equipped with more advanced features for demanding customers. Fanvil devices in combination with such basic functions as 2 SIP lines, three-way conference mode and backlit display will meet all requirements.

Manufacturer Fanvil - specialist in IP devices

Manufacturer Fanvil is a Polish company that specializes in manufacturing IP devices with advanced technology. Internet telephony uses equipment that is characterized by reliability and is available to customers in a wide range of budgets - from basic devices to much more expensive, with additional features, used for business calls around the world. IP phones supplied by Fanvil are an excellent solution for both small and larger companies. They significantly reduce the expenses of enterprises on telecommunication services and have many advantages useful in conducting business activity.

VoIP phones Fanvil

VoIP Fanvil phones are used for voice communication over the Internet. Modern in-ternet telephony VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology based on sending sound over the Internet. The service is used for voice communication just like in traditional telephony, but not only. The main advantage of Internet telephony is that it converts voice into digital form, its compression and authorization make it impossible for unauthorized persons to overhear conversations.

Internet telephony, i.e. transmission of sound signal over the network, has several important advantages over conversations via cell phone or landline. We can say without a doubt that these advantages bring significant benefits to the users and allow them to have conversations without any restrictions. Fanvil Internet telephony is available everywhere where there is access to Internet, also abroad.

    Fanvil VoIP phones - selected features:
  • HD quality voice on all lines,
  • High resolution color display,
  • Menu presented in an intuitive graphic form,
  • The device can be mounted on the wall,
  • Built-in phone book with up to 500 entries.

Fanvil internet telephony

The Fanvil internet telephony works differently than ordinary telephones. In landline telephony, a phone is assigned to one location of a company, business or individual. According to this principle, the signal is delivered through the telephone line. In the office premises, in the premises, in the company premises, generally in the location that the customer indicates, there is a telephone line termination.

In case of moving the company to another address, for many companies it means going through a difficult period and involves problems in communication. Fanvil Internet telephony gives the possibility to skip the complicated procedure in case of relocation process. It should be taken into account that moving a traditional phone line is only possible to a place where there is a phone line available. However, internet telephony can work anywhere where there is access to the Internet, even outside the borders of the country.

Fanvil devices for business

Fanvil new generation devices are a series of IP phones, which are characterized by high efficiency and full functionality. Modern IP phones Fanvil X3SG with Giga-bit Ethernet ports are characterized by better efficiency and have more interesting design, matching the current trends. Appearance of the devices was modernized in comparison with previous series.

The device supports G.722 and Opus wideband codecs. This results in crystal clear high definition sound. Added new features and support for wireless headsets EHS increase efficiency in business applications. Fanvil is a reliable producer!

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