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Mimosa NID | Gigabit Network Interface | 2x RJ-45, Gigabit, IP54
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The MIMOSA surge protection devices are an effective way to protect against surges in wire-based networks. Each external antenna of the access point, client devices or base station should be equipped with a lightning arrester to mitigate the effects of a possible lightning strike. Correct installation of dedicated modules makes that all the devices connected to the antennaaccess points,routers WiFi or radios, client devices have indirect protection against surges. Network solutions proposed by Mimosa by AirSpan help to build a safe and efficient wireless network infrastructure for both short and long range. High reliability, thorough testing of devices and technical refinement of solutions make LANs based on Mimosa devices characterized by high availability and excellent scalability.

Professional surge protection

At a technical level, there are many solutions available that allow a certain degree of protection against surges or act as lightning protection. LTE networks, WiFand network devices using antennas in a natural way are exposed to electrical discharges of different origin. Additionally, due to various power sources, network overvoltages can also affect the correct operation of Mimosa C5 or Mimosa A5 radios. Each networked modular apparatus from the Mimosa proposal may have built-in surge protection elements, however dedicated to the antenna surge protection devices are recommended for each installation. These include small and simple MIMOSA NID,Mimosa Gigabit Network Interface Device. This is an external interface whose product code isMIMOSA GIGABIT NID 100-00039. The device has an IP54 protection rating, which is only slightly less than the IP67 protection rating. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, space for grounding cable and a compact, robust plastic design allows for a wide range of applications.

Multi-level LAN, WiFi and LTE security

Designing and building various infrastructuresLAN, WiFi or LTE requires high level knowledge, experience and skills. Both in the physical layer, as well as in the network and software layers, security must be ensured. At this lowest level, a well-developed modular configuration can help to create optimal working conditions and protection against physical threats and harmful factors. Numeroustests of network devices under natural conditions show that even the IP67 degree of protection is not enough in case of electrical discharges. Thunders and surge protections allow to create safe working conditions for the access point or base station. Take care of the protection, including process points, dedicated WiFi routers and each client device to avoid network infrastructure downtime. Check our offer, we provide only the best solutions from proven partners. Our B2B zone is a proposal of cooperation for larger customers, thanks to which you can get even more attractive price offer.

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You're looking for comprehensive network solutions in line with the latest technological trends to create a secure network from every angle? Check the product code of selected devices, read the specifications, place an order. If in doubt, ask a question to our technical support experts, they will help you to choose optimal products at every step. In our shop you will also find the equipment necessary to create monitoring installations, servers, as well as complex technology solutions for your home. If you are planning to purchase in large quantities, you may be interested in our B2Bzone addressed to wholesale customers or large Internet providers - ISP. Thanks to it you have a chance for an attractive offer, direct contact with brand and product caretakers. We focus on working out the best conditions of cooperation, so that it is long-term and fruitful for both parties.

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