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Totolink N9 | Access Point | 300Mb/s, 2,4GHz, PoE, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s, 2x dBi
Product code: N9
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Totolink WA300 | WiFi Access Point | 300Mb/s, 2,4GHz, PoE, 2x RJ45 100Mb/s, 1x USB, In-Wall
Product code: WA300
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Every simple to set up and providing extensive capabilitiesaccess point Totolink is the solution often chosen in business solutions. Shops, schools, restaurants, hotels or guesthouses, but also home conditions are spaces where wireless Internet access is very often required. Smallfunctional devices such as contemporaryaccess points, often working as docking stations, power supplies or even Ethernet switches have well-developedheadboards. Access point Totolink WA300 orTotolink N9 are ideal solutions for many businesses to create optimal network solutions easily and quickly. The Totolink brand of network equipment and accessories has been winning recognition for years thanks to innovative solutions available at an attractive price. They create equipment tailored to the needs of individual and business customers, fully professional.

Modern Totolink access points - networked MFPs perfected in every detail


device type access point, the access point is designed to enable access to the network, usually the Internet. This is most often a wireless connection, although Totolink's access points also have a LAN port option. WiFi network mode depends on the settings and physical capabilities of the device and antennas. To ensure security, one of the encryption types WEPWPA WPA2 is used. Such network devices, computer accessories are usually mounted on the wall or ceiling, and in the case of N9 even in the wall, like an outlet. Dedicatedinstallation accessories are used for this purpose, thanks to which the equipment does not disturb the aesthetics of the space, but only sink into it, compose. Most often, modern implementations use advanced technology with 300mbs,WiFi 300mbs,wherenetwork cablesin the view are no longer needed.


for the devices in the example of Totolink WA300

Whofunction deviceshave many people with printers, then access point can also serve more than one standard access function. Totolink WA300 is a perfect example of well-designed network equipment such as inwall wireless, which in one small, wall-mounted housing like a socket, can accommodate advancedheadboards.Thisaccess point Totolink is not only a fast wireless network with excellent range and encryption of choice WEPWPA WPA2, but also Ethernet ports and a USB port with power supply - charging the device with 5V/1A. Thanks to wireless access points you can connect various network devices equipped with WiFi network cards, for example:

  • laptops,
  • tablets
  • cellular phones,
  • print servers,
  • hard drives
  • digital IP cameras with wireless connectivity,
  • Sports watches with WiFi,
  • smart house appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, built-in dishwashers and coffee machines,

The number of cables is kept to a minimum, and the power supply including a twisted-pair power source can be hidden in the wall thanks to PoE.

A simple and modern Totolink N9

access point

The WiFi access point for ceiling mounting is Totolink N9.This advanced technology is available to everyone thanks to an intuitive interface and centralized configuration options. Simple mounting accessories allow for quick installation. Thanks to its design and location, it ensures optimal signal distribution throughout the rooms.Suchaccess points are very aesthetic, elegant and minimalist. Compliant with theIEEE 802.11n/g/b for 2.4 GHz LAN, they allow for high network throughput. The operating mode of the device depends on the connected receivers and standards supported by their network cards, it can reachWiFi 300mbs.Power cables have been eliminated by using PoE protocol. It allows to transfer the current necessary to power the device with the same Ethernet cable as the data. Simplecomputer accessories attached toaccess point like a PoE.

power supply will suffice.
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