Roidmi F8 | Cordless vacuum cleaner | modular, 2500mAh

CODE: ROIDMI F8 / EAN: 6970019141107

Roidmi F8 | Cordless vacuum cleaner | modular, 2500mAh

CODE: ROIDMI F8 / EAN: 6970019141107
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Xiaomi Roidmi F8 cordless vertical vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaners absorb hair, dust, allergens and dirt, guaranteeing cleaner air thanks to a four-layer filtration system. The purification and filtration system absorbs even as small particles as PM0.3 and makes the air up to 99% cleaner as after using the air purifier.

Efficient vacuuming - thorough and deep cleaning

Roidmi F8 vertical vacuum cleaners have a powerful motor that can generate really high suction power. It is designed to deal with dirt on carpets, mattresses and will even clean up dirt in floor cracks.

Weight 2.5 kg - effortless vacuuming

Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, Roidmi model, are characterized by low weight, it is only 2.5 kg. The unit does not require any cables during operation, guaranteeing freedom of movement in the house and no tangled cables when vacuuming. You can also go outside and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the car interior.

Efficient battery - 55 minutes operating time

Thanks to the built-in, efficient battery, the device provides about 55 minutes of operation without charging. This power is sufficient to clean the whole house. The Roidmi F8 Cleaner vertical vacuum cleaner in maximum power (turbo) mode will run for about 10 minutes. The dust container has a capacity of 440 ml.

Modular design - numerous components for different types of cleaning

The Roidmi F8 Cleaner is equipped with various cleaning tools to effectively clean a variety of surfaces. The attachments can be easily assembled and disassembled. The special magnetic holder makes the vertical cleaner convenient to store.

Controlled by the Mi Home application


With a wide range of accessories Roidmi F8 guarantees thorough cleaning of all surfaces in your home


Handheld vacuum cleaner - basic technical parameters
Manufacturer Xiaomi Roidmi
Model F8 Vacuum Cleaner
Type of device Cordless cordless vacuum cleaner
Communication Bluetooth
Indicators Battery charges
Filling of the waste container
Suction power 1850 Pa, 380 W
Air purification system Yes
Suction power regulation Yes, through the Mi Home application
Battery type Lithium-ionowa
Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Dust container capacity 400 ml
Charging time Charging time - 2.5 hours
Type of power supply Battery Vacuum Cleaner
Filter HEPA
Working time Up to 55 minutes
Operating time (turbo mode) Up to 10 minutes
Noise level Noise level - 83 dB (A)
Engine 100 000 rpm
Automatic backlighting Yes
Control by application Yes, Mi Home Android (e.g. Redmi Note), iOS (e.g. XS)
Dimensions 119 x 26 x 16 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
The set includes Roidmi F8 Cleaner
Accessories shown in the pictures
Other accessories Roidmi F8 is equipped with:
1 x vacuum cleaner body
1 x European power supply
1 x metal long pipe
1 x turbo brush, roller brush, soft velour
1 x flat car end
1 x flexible pipe
1 x soft tip, brush
1 x small turbo brush
1 x spare turbo bristle brush
1 x magnetic wall mounting bracket
1 x cleaning comb
1 x back-up filter
1 x instruction manual and specification in polish
1 x Polish warranty card


167,19 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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