SunClean Bulb Light A60 | LED Light Bulb | 8W LED, 6W UV-C, SZS9-B10-60

CODE: SUNCLEAN BULB SZS9-B10-60 / EAN: 6970321905756

SunClean Bulb Light A60 | LED Light Bulb | 8W LED, 6W UV-C, SZS9-B10-60

CODE: SUNCLEAN BULB SZS9-B10-60 / EAN: 6970321905756
11,13 EUR without VAT (net)
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Ilość diod LED: 9
Moc oświetlenia (W): 8
Moc UVC (W): 6
Rodzaj złącza/gwintu: E27
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SunClean Lighting paves the way in integrating UV-C disinfection with LED lighting. This series of unprecedented health-protecting lighting products provides the use of surface disinfection, air purification and lighting. SunClean has a disinfection rate of up to 99.9% - with no excessive radiation, no ozone generation and no chemical residue - and a military-grade radar sensor for occupant detection. SunClean is designed to keep people safe and healthy.


The advantages of SunClean lighting

  • Simple replacement - Replace your old bulb with SunClean Bulb Light
  • Smart operation - Illuminates when you're in, disinfects when you're out
  • Safety and reliability - Military grade radar and radar self-diagnostics. No chemical residues
  • Keeping spaces free of COVID-19 - No additional manpower. Highly cost-effective
  • Reduces the spread of infection - Disinfection occurs as soon as people leave the room
  • sunclean


    Advanced 5.8G Military Grade Radar - Each SunClean Lighting product is equipped with a 5.8G military grade radar with a detection range of 7-10 meters that automatically stops disinfection when people are nearby.

    Self-monitoring of the safety system

    Before each disinfection cycle, a self-diagnostic is performed to ensure safe operation of the product. If the radar fails, disinfection stops automatically.

    Does not produce dangerous ozone

    It works with UV-C disinfection with a wavelength of 260~285nm, well above 240nm where oxygen can be broken down into ozone which can damage the respiratory tract.


    Features / filters
    Ilość diod LED 9
    Moc oświetlenia (W) 8
    Moc UVC (W) 6
    Rodzaj złącza/gwintu E27
    Strumień świetlny (lm) 750
    Zakres temperatur barwy 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
    Żywotność (godz.) >15000h
    Żywotność diod UVC (godz.) >5000h

    Power 8W
    Thread type E26/E27
    Luminous flux >750 lm
    CCT 3000K / 4000K/5000K/6000K
    Colour temperature adjustment No
    CRI >80
    Lifetime >15000h
    UV specification
    Diode type UV-C LED
    Power 6W
    UV energy 60mW
    Disinfection surface 2 x 2m (4m2)
    Disinfection modes 30-minute auto mode
    3-hour intensive mode
    Detection sensor 5.8G
    Beam radius 90 degrees
    Wavelength 260-285nm
    Lamp life >5000h
    Electrical specification
    Input voltage 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
    Operating modes Manual
    Physical specification
    Housing Plastic-coated aluminium
    Colour White
    Dimensions Φ62 x114 mm
    Weight 135g
    Operating temperature -10~40°C
    Certificates FCC, CE
    11,13 EUR without VAT (net)
    Out of stock
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