UniFi Dream Machine Pro | The professional solution from Ubiquiti

In a previous article we had the opportunity to do test the UniFi Dream Machine. This time we will deal with Dream Machine, but in the PRO version - UDM-Pro! UniFi Dream Machine Pro is a professional, universal device that combines the functions of a security gateway, switch, network controller and video recorder!

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro specification

UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) is a universal 1U device designed for installation in a Server cabinet. Generally, the device is dedicated for small and medium companies, but it can also be used by individual customers. As mentioned earlier, UDM-Pro is another all-in-one device from Ubiquiti Inc., which combines the features of a switch, controller, security gateway and video recorder. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a four-core 1.7GHz Quad ARM Cortex-A57 processor, 4GB system memory DDR4 and 16GB of built-in flash memory eMMC.
UDM-Pro topology Click to enlarge!
UDM-Pro topology

Professional Dream Machine

Ubiquiti Inc. has equipped the UDM-Pro with a number of useful features. In addition to the UniFi controller and 8-port Gigabit network switch, we also have a security gateway and video recorder based on UniFi Protect. The ability to mount a 3.5" (and 2.5") hard drive, on which we record events from our monitoring system is a great addition. UDM-Pro, as befits a professional solution, has also been equipped with two 10G SFP+ ports and one 10G LAN port, so we get very high performance during stacking of devices, or we can connect to a very fast Internet source through the WAN port. The throughput of IPS/IDS at 3.5Gb/s (measured with iperf3), backup power supply in the form of USP-RPS DC connector and Bluetooth BLE interface are other elements that clearly speak in favor of the Professional Dream Machine.
UniFi Dream Machine Pro Performance Click to enlarge!
UniFi Dream Machine Pro Performance

Advanced Firewall

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro also has a very advanced firewall. It is ideal as a system that prevents intrusions (IPS) as well as an intrusion detection system (IDS). It is very easy to adjust the appropriate level of security to the security level:
  • virus and malware protection
  • Point-to-Point (PtP)
  • hacker attacks protection
  • web traffic protection
  • web site protection
UniFi Dream Machine Pro Security Click to enlarge!
UniFi Dream Machine Pro Security
UniFi Dream Machine Security 2 Click to enlarge!
UniFi Dream Machine Security 2
Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro automatically scans all endpoints (clients) connected to our network and then identifies potential threats and security weaknesses. Another useful feature is Honeypot, which allows the device to detect malware, worms and other types of malicious traffic trying to scan our network for vulnerabilities.
There are also DNS filters (three levels of filtering) - you can block traffic from sites that are stealing information or publishing adult content.
As a cherry on the cake we have GeoIP filtering, i.e. blocking outgoing and incoming calls from/to a specific country. In order to block a selected country, we can use ready-made UniFi threat maps.

UniFi Protect

UniFi Dream Machine Pro has also been equipped with UniFi Protect software, thanks to which we have an extremely convenient system for monitoring UniFi cameras, along with full remote access to the graphical user interface.
Of course we don't need any licenses, hosting, port forwarding or support fees.

Live View

Ubiquiti Inc. has already got us used to convenience. This is the case with UDM-Pro and the brilliant UniFi Protect software, which comes by default with the device.
It is very easy to access the recordings in live view mode. You can display the image from as many as 20 cameras simultaneously (in one window), having access to the view in live mode. You can also quickly access the basic and advanced options and select the appropriate template to suit your needs.
Unifi Dream Machine UniFi protect Click to enlarge!
Unifi Dream Machine UniFi protect

Events logging

As already mentioned, we have the ability to mount 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs to UDM-Pro on which we can store recorded events. The recordings are stored locally, so there is no fear that they will fall into the wrong hands and be seen by third parties.
Click to enlarge!

Mobile Application

There is also a mobile application, which we have to admit is extremely fast and intuitive. Both the configuration process of UniFi Dream Machine Pro, as well as managing the UniFi network and monitoring system is extremely simple and can be handled by anyone, even those less experienced.

UDM-Pro configuration - mobile application

Mobile App - configuration Click to enlarge!
Mobile App - configuration

Summary and conclusions

In conclusion. Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro is a very professional and advanced device. The multitude of configuration options, UniFi controller and UniFi Protect system on board, make UDM-Pro an ideal solution for companies and businesses. Of course, it can also be used by home users. Additionally, the possibility of installation in a rack cabinet also speaks in its favour, as we can install the devices in an aesthetic way, in any location.
In general, the UniFi Dream Machine Pro is a very powerful unit with great possibilities. We are able to build (and manage) both UniFi wireless network and monitoring system with just one device, which also has advanced Firewall options to top it all off, you can only congratulate Ubiquiti Inc. on their work and look forward to seeing more of their products.
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