XClea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner P10

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XClea? What is this manufacturer? XClea is an advanced Chinese manufacturer of smart cleaning technology. XClea has also collaborated with Huawei on software development, creating an app to control smart robot vacuums and other devices. These collaborations have borne fruit, and today XClea is introducing competitively priced devices to the global market. XClea's robotic vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners are on par with manufacturers such as Dyson, Xiaomi, Roborock and others.

Key features and characteristics of XClea P10

Today our Batna24 is testing the XClea Vacuum Cleaner P10 cordless upright vacuum cleaner in a sleek white color that will look great in any interior. The upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a cyclonic dust collection system with HEPA filter, antibacterial brush with silver ions and intelligent power management. This means high efficiency and effective removal of dirt from the cleaned surfaces. Also noteworthy is the fact that the XClea P10 has a color display that shows basic device information.

All these technical parameters, enclosed in a classic vacuum cleaner housing, form three types of operating modes:
  • Eco (up to 65 minutes of work with the battery fully charged)
  • Standard (up to 30 min)
  • Boost (up to 10 min).
Capacity of the dust container is 0.65 l., which translates into its weight, but also does not differ significantly from those available in the market. The manufacturer has significantly reduced the noise level of 72dB, but in general, in this type of vacuum cleaners, noise reduction either translates into suction power or weight, in this case, suction power puts this vacuum cleaner in the lower ranks. Charging time is about 3.5 hours.
Below is a summary of hard technical data given by the manufacturer, which you should pay attention to when deciding on this model:

Rated operating voltage 25.2V~
Nominal charging voltage 30V~
Lithium battery capacity 2500mAh x 7 /63Wh
Total rated power 385 W
Color Silver and white
Suction power 125W
Charging time 3.5 hours
Noise level 72dB
Dust container capacity 0,65 L
Hepa filter Yes
Washing function Not
Washing function Not
Operation mode / time ECO - 65 min
Standard - 30 min
Boost - 10 min

Unboxing XClea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner P10

Xclea Technology has become accustomed to taking good care of their products, regardless of the distance they travel. Everything is perfectly protected and subtly packed into a beautiful package with a handle, which can be used as a storage container for a long time after opening, although the manufacturer adds a handle to the set.

Included are:
1. Instruction manual with which you should familiarize yourself right after opening, it will make the process of both the first start , and later use of the vacuum cleaner more pleasant.
Operating Instructions Click to enlarge!
Operating Instructions
2. Crevice tools (brush and extender) with which you can reach small spaces, such as corners of doors, windows or stairs.
Szczotka i przedłużacz
3 Mattress Brush. This tip is designed to remove dust and dust mites from textiles such as curtains and upholstered furniture.
Szczotkę do materacy
4. Wall bracket is to be used for attaching the vacuum cleaner to glass or ceramic walls (unfortunately, the manufacturer used the method of attachment to glue, which in most rooms will not be applicable).
Uchwyt ścienny
5. Power supply unit with approx. 2m extension cable is used to charge the battery located in the main nozzle (unfortunately permanently installed).
6. HEPA filter - additional (one already in the vacuum cleaner) its purpose is to capture small particles of dust and air
Filtra HEPA
7. Cleaning brush for cleaning both the container and the brushes and tips, also equipped with a hook to remove hair and threads from the roller brush.
Cleaning brush Click to enlarge!
Cleaning brush
8. Main nozzle. The on/off and mode selection buttons are located on the handle panel.
The cyclone filter can be easily removed from the container with the push of a button and cleaned with the brush provided, the manufacturer also recommends replacing the HEPA filter every 3 months, as prolonged use may reduce efficiency.
The LCD display after switching on shows information in the form of numbers informing about the % battery consumption and a bar with blue diodes informing about the used mode 1/3 (as in the picture) says that the device is in ECO mode, 2/3 would indicate the standard mode and all of the boost mode.
LCD display Click to enlarge!
LCD display
Individual components of the vacuum cleaner are connected with each other in a very easy way on the so-called ''click'' that is, we take the inserting tip and connect it with the main nozzle until you hear a characteristic click.
The soft roller brush can also be easily removed to clean the roller with a brush or to get rid of any threads or hair wrapped around the roller that might damage it. Dismounting is done by pulling the locking mechanism on the right side and gently sliding the roller so that it can be pulled out. When installing the roller, remember to make sure that the locking slot is in the same place and the roller is locked. (Manufacturer presents a simple instructional video on their website, which we can get to after scanning the QR code)

Testing XClea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner P10

What should we pay attention to before using the device for the first time?

The first rule is to read the instruction manual included in the kit and familiarize yourself with it so that the use of the vacuum cleaner does not pose a danger.
The second cardinal rule is to charge the battery according to the manufacturer's recommendation to 100%, the main nozzle is connected to the charger with the power supply from the kit (the nozzle must always be off when landing), when recharging, remember that the battery is cold, because immediately after use it is slightly heated, it is best to wait 30 minutes and calmly connect it to the charger.
Third, we use each tip according to its purpose.
And fourthly, we keep away from wet surfaces, spilled hazardous liquids such as flammable and chemical and long hair, broken glass, screws and any waste very coarse-grained, which could block the brush or nozzle or flood it, which could consequently lead to its permanent damage). What is worth noting is that the vacuum cleaner after pressing the start button starts with a delay. This type of vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning wet surfaces!

Just like the previous vacuum cleaners, we will put this one to the test with different weights. In order to achieve a reasonably reliable test, we set up the test area in exactly the same place and manner as for the other handheld vacuum cleaners we tested, choosing the most common type of surface: laminate.
Test field Click to enlarge!
Test field
Test 1. Spread 50grams of dried ground coffee on the test field.
Of the 50 grams spilled, the vacuum collected 46.10 grams. It should be added that, as in any case, the brush used and dedicated to flat surfaces collects dirt in one direction only forward, so we must remember to return to the back in the same line on which we moved forward, otherwise we will rake up the dirt on the way back or simply lift the vacuum cleaner up.
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Test 2. We apply 20 grams of flour to the test field has a finer texture and perfectly mimics everyday dust.
The vacuum cleaner collected 18.46 grams of flour from the 20 grams spilled. Cleaning the various elements did not cause much of a problem, thanks to the added brush we can easily carry out this process.
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An additional test that we also carried out on this type of vacuum cleaner was accurate (with stopwatch) to measure the operating time that the manufacturer predicts for each mode, and to our surprise they did not differ significantly and come out on top, as if the engineers took into account the life of the battery and its wear and tear over time.
The times for each mode were as follows each time the vacuum cleaner was loaded with an extension tube with a panel brush, which has an additional drive mechanism:

ECO mode actual working time 76 min manufacturer's time 65 min
Standard mode actual working time 35 min, manufacturer time 30 min
Boost mode actual operating time 11 min, manufacturer time 10 min
Tryb ECO rzeczywisty czas pracy 65 min
Tryb ECO rzeczywisty czas pracy 65 min
Tryb Standard rzeczywisty czas pracy 35 min
Tryb Boost rzeczywisty czas pracy 11 min
The process of charging time itself also does not deviate from the standard that we meet in the description (3.5h) and the test of the amount of energy needed to charge to full battery completely discharged is as follows:
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The XClea P10 upright cordless vacuum cleaner was charged for 6 hours and 50 minutes at 30 V. The total battery capacity was 2444 mAh.


In summary, the XClea Cordless Vacuum Cleaner P10 model QYXCQ01 very well coped with removing from the surface of the panels of varying weights of dirt, in addition it is also characterized by a very long real working time for each mode. Taking into account the parameters, it should fully prove itself on a daily basis in small and medium-sized apartments.

  • ease of installing individual tips
  • comfortable to use
  • container 0.65L
  • modern design
  • easy to guide
  • lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Replaceable filter cartridge
  • integrated screen
  • antibacterial brush with silver ions
  • instructions in Polish
  • weak power in individual modes ( low suction power 125AW)
  • No nozzles to remove hair and hair
  • Quite heavy, longer use e.g. in ECO mode can be cumbersome.
  • quite noisy
  • The holder for the vacuum cleaner is attached with glue and therefore fits only to two types of surfaces
  • The integrated battery (not replaceable)

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