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Monitoring systems

Both private and business facilities are nowadays exposed to various dangers, such as theft or even unfortunate accidents. For this reason, you should always consider responsible security for your home, business or warehouse. Professional monitoring equipment is necessary to achieve this goal, and our store's experts will help you choose it according to your expectations. The mere sight of cameras can often deter thieves and dissuade them from committing a crime. If, however, this happens, the material recorded by the monitoring systems will allow you to react quickly to this unpleasant situation. Thanks to the camera preview, it is possible to prevent unforeseen circumstances in good time, before it's too late. Systems with motion detection and notifications significantly facilitate this task. In the worst cases, recorded evidence will help, in cooperation with the police, more efficiently identify the perpetrator of any damage and bring him to justice.

Professional monitoring equipment

Thanks to the wide selection of monitoring equipment in our store's offer, everyone can easily find a solution suitable for even the most demanding conditions and expectations. Cameras come in various price ranges and technical parameters, making them a choice for every budget. Image resolution of up to 4K will ensure sharp recording image. Motion detection on some of the models will make sure that any suspicious behavior is spotted. The offer includes individual equipment selected for individual needs and entire sets consisting of recorders and many cameras, which provide ready and comprehensive solutions.

Accessories for monitoring for road safety

A sense of security should not only be important at home or in the office, but also while traveling. Vehicle recorders are the best guarantee against attempts to extort damages as a result of a road collision. A wide range of car cameras in our store offers models with Full HD resolution or higher, with wide-angle lenses and motion detection that monitor the car at parking stops. Recordings of incidents recorded by such cameras can also help prove the true version of the events to the police and will be useful in applying for compensation.

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